PSG Discusses University Organizations

At 1:00pm on Friday, Sept. 13 the Parkside Student Government called to order their first meeting of the new semester. Quorum was established with 4 on the floor, and after no old business was brought up, they got down to the new business for the meeting. On the docket for new business were Parkside’s organizations. One thing regarding the University Organizations was the Organization booklet, which contains all the information regarding all the different Organizations for students and staff. Proposals to amend several of the pages were made to bring the booklet up to date, since some of the information within was no longer relevant to the new semester. Resolutions were made to establish a timeline for the amendments to be made.

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Meet the New PSG President

PSG Constitutional amendments voted into effect by the student body during the 2011-2012 election year have ultimately altered the outcome of the parliamentary appointments. Most importantly the elected president Justin Irwin has been affected by such changes, requiring him to step down from office and allocating the presidency to his running mate, former vice president, Nelson Senda Jr.

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PSG Constitution Changes

With the 2011-2012 PSG Elections, students voted to have the new Constitutional amendments approved and added in to the Constitution. The changes have brought about much controversy and conspiracy theories in its first few weeks of existence. One change is the naming of the Pro Tempore changed to the Speaker of the State. Also, seats have become available to students with under thirty credits (in hopes to reduce turnover and allow the younger generation to build into stronger leaders), the Senate now has the ability to overturn any Parliamentarian ruling if they see fit to, there is now one person to overlook underrepresented organizations on campus’ needs, wording and grammar has been improved and fine tuned, as well, among other improvements that have been made to certain sections of the document. The President can dismiss E-board members in lieu of having to impeach them, also. One of the biggest changes, and most discussed, is the fact that all PSG officers must now have a 2.5 GPA in order to hold office.

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PSG Inauguration

Wednesday, May 27th, will bring about the third annual Inauguration ceremony for the newly elected PSG officers. The event began when Ted Ruffalo was PSG President, and has continued since. Currently, Dana Calamia, Justin Irwin, and Professor Dennis Rome will be speaking at the event. Jo Kirst, who planned the event and served as Secretary to PSG this past year, hopes to find a couple more speakers to attend.

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Senate Minutes 4/13/2011

Parliamentarian David Wilson swears in new Student Government Officials:
President Justin Irwin
Vice President Nelson Senda
Amanda Barber
Eric Zizich
Javier Luna
Nicholas Walls
Byron Dowse
Dany Fitzgerald
Pryscilla Balladares
Kyle Koenen
Lauren Axelson
Patti Jensen
Marilyn Vasquez
Mary Kotleski
Tom Magwitz
Brian Hill
Linda Vang
Marcus Bouterse
Jordan Theiler
Courtney Cornell
Juan Barreto
Munjed Hamdan

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