Advertisement Rates


file_ad-prices_trn_jpeg-01Advertisements in The Ranger News are a great way to market your services and products to the students of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. Our advertising prices include both print and online advertising.

We also offer free advertisement designs with the purchase of an Ad Package. There are special Ad Package discounts for full publication year purchases.

If you have any questions, contact The Ranger News staff at If you would like to purchase an advertisement in the paper, contact Ethan Costello; Editor-in-Chief at, and Damaris Maldonado; Executive Editor at


  1. I am interested in advertising in the Ranger News for possbile housing options for stuents that will live off campus.
    Please contact me with this info if you will. I am at Bayside Townhomes in Somers, WI


  2. I would like to advertise a room for rent in my home. I live alone. I would like a female renter for $600 a month includes everything. Southwest Racine area


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