Untangling racism

Just one month after the Untangling Racism Conference held at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, racial segregation and prejudice seem to be at an all-time high. In the past few months countless celebrations have taken place, with the most recent focus on Asian Heritage Month. However, after attending the 18 April discussion “Knowledge is Power: Empowering Asian American through a Global Race Consciousness” with Dr. Nitasha Tamar Sharma, it was clear that racial prejudice was at the forefront of the conversation.

After a lecture detailing multi-racial commonalities between (mainly) African Americans and Asian Americans, given by visiting Professor Dr. Sharma, from Northwestern University, the floor was opened for discussion.

A UW-Parkside student started off the discussion claiming, “It’s disrespectful for Asians to not want to learn about black culture.”

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Si, se peude

The one man performance of “The Stories of Cesar Chavez” traveled to the University of Wisconsin- Parkside on Wednesday, the 19th of April to deliver a performance that was raw and inspiring. Writer and actor Fred Blanco paid homage to the custom of El Teatro Campesino, to create a traveling play about the plights of the migrant farm workers through their leader, Cesar Chavez’s, eyes.

Professor Peggy James introduced and thanked Blanco for giving the university the opportunity to see history and politics come alive in art. “It’s not easy getting the Political Science and Theater Arts department to cooperate,” Peggy James joked, “but it is beautiful to see what was pulled together to make this performance happen.”

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Interview with new PSG President, David Wilson

Voting took place Tuesday, 3 April 2012, and Wednesday, 4 April 2012, for the elections of the new PSG leadership. Winning the majority for presidency was David Wilson, former Parliamentarian, who ran with the newly elected Jordan Theiler for vice-president. In congratulating Wilson on his recent win, The Ranger News Staff wanted to be the first to interview the new President to find out what his plans are for his forthcoming term. Kind enough to answer a few short questions, David Wilson optimistically explained his vision for increasing Parkside Student Government’s involvement for the benefit of the student body:

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How to survive finals

The month of May is fast approaching – a time when spring has finally decided to stay, where hopeful students eagerly look towards summer break and for some the brighter prospect of graduation.  Then again, it is also a time that signifies the end of the semester – a time of high anxiety and lack of sleep. Term papers, projects, and finals seem to have snuck up on all of us students yet again while Professors like Tim Knautz have joked in lecture, “Now is the time that no one will know what sleeping means… You can recoup in the end of May.”

But is this good advice?

According to recent studies published in the January issue of Behavioral Sleep Medicine researchers found that students that regularly pull all-nighters to study tended to have lower GPAs than those that didn’t. In fact many students reported that studying all night was more of a social rite of passage rather than an issue of necessity. More accurately, the scholarship noted that even acute sleep deprivation can lead to decreased long term memory, decreased immune system responses, as well as weight gain, depression, and more anxiety.

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Women’s rights at the Center of University Activities in April

March is National Women’s History Month. However, as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signs off on bills that attack sexual health programs, abortion laws, and threatens women’s rights in the workforce, it seems appropriate that the Women’s and Gender Studies Programs offer “Events for and about Women” throughout the month of April.

The University of Wisconsin-Parkside kicked off these events with a rendition of Eve Ensler’s “Vagina Monologues” by several students on Thursday 5 April at the Rita. Focusing on the female anatomy, the dramatic reading was given to artfully empower the individualism of the female body by deconstructing stereotypes of the fragility of women. In light of the political environment, Dr. Kate Gillogly, Evelyn Zepp, and Anna Lee Sepanski have added a panel titled “Attacks on Women’s Health & Reproductive Rights, to be given this Wednesday 11 April, for a discussion and political update. Being time sensitive, a proper time and location will be available this week; please check the UW-Parkside web calendar at http://www.uwp.edu for the time and location.

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