PSG Inauguration

Wednesday, May 27th, will bring about the third annual Inauguration ceremony for the newly elected PSG officers. The event began when Ted Ruffalo was PSG President, and has continued since. Currently, Dana Calamia, Justin Irwin, and Professor Dennis Rome will be speaking at the event. Jo Kirst, who planned the event and served as Secretary to PSG this past year, hopes to find a couple more speakers to attend.

The main event will be the swearing in of the new officers by Parliamentarian Dave Wilson. Some of the officers were sworn in a couple of weeks ago during a senate meeting, however, because of some absences and newly elected Senator Michael Pincikowski, a re-swearing in which the student body can witness. There will also be a photographer available to snap headshots of the officers, which will be framed and hung in the Student Center.

Inauguration is a chance for students to meet the new officers of Parkside Student Government; some students find the office unapproachable, so, this is a great time to voice any concerns to the new government without feeling uncomfortable. “These kinds of events give a more ‘open-door’ feeling to the Student Government, which I believe makes it easier for students to approach the Senate,” added Kirst. “Inauguration…is a very important event for not only the Senate and PSG Officers to have a small opportunity to bond with each other, but it is also important for the student body at large to attend,” said Kirst.

Not only is Inauguration a time for students to meet their new PSG officers, it is also a time for the PSG officers to see who their constituents are and familiarize themselves with the student body; it is a chance for the officers to really meet those people they are representing and talk with them face-to-face. “I hope that in the future, the next line of PSG Presidents will see the importance in the tradition and continue it,” stated Kirst.

Light catering will be available, such as some snacks and water. The event will be held in Upper Main Place in Wyllie, from 12pm to 1 pm, so students can always grab a full lunch and bring it up to the event.

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