PSG Discusses University Organizations

At 1:00pm on Friday, Sept. 13 the Parkside Student Government called to order their first meeting of the new semester. Quorum was established with 4 on the floor, and after no old business was brought up, they got down to the new business for the meeting. On the docket for new business were Parkside’s organizations. One thing regarding the University Organizations was the Organization booklet, which contains all the information regarding all the different Organizations for students and staff. Proposals to amend several of the pages were made to bring the booklet up to date, since some of the information within was no longer relevant to the new semester. Resolutions were made to establish a timeline for the amendments to be made.

They also had present a representative from the Student Organizations committee who was there to discuss some changes being made regarding the advisors of the Student Organizations. Because several of the organizations only had one or two advisors between all of them, problems were arising with the staff not having enough time to meet with all their organizations, and also a lack of consistency with advising. One of the main changes discussed, which has also been approved by the Dean of Students Office was no longer making it mandatory for advisors to meet at all the individual organization meetings, but instead only making three advisor meetings mandatory. This is being put in motion to help alleviate the load some advisors had in the past, having several organizations they were seeing over. They also discussed the budget, which will be staying the same for the organizations according to Stephanie, the representative from the Student Organization committee.

After the new business was concluded the open forum was opened, which allows anyone to present questions to the PSG to be considered and answered at a later time. Questions came from students involved in different organizations on campus. Questions included do new organizations get automatically placed into a subgroup and who chooses the advisors, is it in writing anywhere that an organization cannot be recognized on campus due to poor academic standing, and finally how and why certain groups are placed in particular subgroups and if changing to another subgroup would mean they would also be given a new advisor. The meeting was adjourned at 1:20pm. The PSG has meetings every Friday at 1:00pm and has their open forums at the end to hear questions from the student body they govern.

Article by Jimmy Gibbs

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