Meet the New PSG President

PSG Constitutional amendments voted into effect by the student body during the 2011-2012 election year have ultimately altered the outcome of the parliamentary appointments. Most importantly the elected president Justin Irwin has been affected by such changes, requiring him to step down from office and allocating the presidency to his running mate, former vice president, Nelson Senda Jr.

Many Constitutional amendments were made, but the most notable stipulation was raising the standards of GPA to a 2.5. That being said, at the time of elections, Presidential candidate Justin Irwin did not uphold to that academic requirement, along with several assembly members. After the election, and the confirmation of constitutional changes needed, the Parliamentarian David Wilson allowed all elected officials to be given until the following fall semester to boost their GPA’s. Unfortunately, Irwin was the only officer unable to uphold the obligation due to leaving the country.

Resigning from office set in motion the development of a new bipartisan group called The Movement spearheaded by Abiageal Mercer, former campaign manager for Irwin/Senda Jr. According to Mercer, “Truthfully, am I upset about it [Irwin’s forced resignation]? Yes, I am. We (Justin and I), just wanted to see changes brought here and enacted that would make everyone’s campus life better…so, that being said, even though he did lose his position, it is STILL our goal and intent to fulfill the promises we made to the students during his campaign, and since we no longer can do that through PSG, we started The Movement.”

From this introduction to office, Senda Jr has had to stand up against The Movement’s fervor of political dissidence. Senda Jr, a senior majoring in Criminal Justice and Spanish, previous president of Latino Unitos, 3 termed senator, and member of the fraternity Sigma Lambde Beta, is not new to promoting student involvement and encouraging diversity for the betterment of campus community. When asked why he accepted the presidency after the Irwin debacle, Senda Jr. simply states, “Understand my stand; this was an obligation. While I could have resigned, for the benefit of the students and the stabilization of PSG, I am taking this [presidency] seriously and with honor.” Senda Jr claims his goals in his presidency run parallel to the aims of Mercer’s Movement.

Similar in goals, both organizations aim to build communication between faculty, staff, and students for the intent of empowering students to have a voice in legislative decisions, such as budget cut allotments and campus betterment in extracurricular organizations. All Senda asks, in the wake of these administrative changes is, “Place faith in me – to work and accomplish the goals that Justin (Irwin) and I originally campaigned for.”

One thought on “Meet the New PSG President”

  1. Thank you for this article. This whole thing has been a serious embarrassment to me, and I wish that I could go back a couple of years and fix my gpa. But since I am unable to do that I will still remain active in fulfilling the promises that were made during my campaign.


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