Senate Minutes 4/13/2011

Parliamentarian David Wilson swears in new Student Government Officials:
President Justin Irwin
Vice President Nelson Senda
Amanda Barber
Eric Zizich
Javier Luna
Nicholas Walls
Byron Dowse
Dany Fitzgerald
Pryscilla Balladares
Kyle Koenen
Lauren Axelson
Patti Jensen
Marilyn Vasquez
Mary Kotleski
Tom Magwitz
Brian Hill
Linda Vang
Marcus Bouterse
Jordan Theiler
Courtney Cornell
Juan Barreto
Munjed Hamdan

Call to Order by President Justin Irwin
5:06 pm

Roll Call
Quorum Established 15 on the floor
Unanimous Consent to Agenda
Unanimous Consent to Minutes

Student Speaking Time:
Outgoing President Dana Calamia
–Advice for new PSG officials

Nominations for Speaker of the Senate
Mary Kotleski nominates Amanda Barber
Patti Jensen nominates self
Pryscilla Balladares nominates self

Question from Senator Kotleski for all candidates
President Irwin recognizes former Speaker Jisha Jose

Parliamentarian Wilson interrupts to point of order pursuant to BACON Act, non-officers may not speak

Senator Dowse asks for restatement of candidate names

Vote by Secret Ballot

Parliamentarian Wilson and Dean of Students Steve McLaughlin count ballots

Senator Dowse: Motion to Seat Munjed Hamdan
Senator Hamdan seated

Results: Amanda Barber receives 13 of 15 votes and assumes the Chair

Chancellor’s Report: Dr. McLaughlin

–Board of Regents—JFC public hearings

–Eligibility of candidates under new constitution
—“Several” officers ineligible to hold office

Question by Senator Jensen for Chair

–Can Senate ask Parliamentarian about “whole grandfathering issue”

Chair will entertain motion to inquire to Parliamentarian

Senator Jensen motions to inquire to Parliamentarian about application of eligibility requirements

Discussion by Senators:
Byron Dowse
Kyle Koenen
Tom Magwitz
Lauren Axelson

Clarification by Parliamentarian on Constitution

Senate discussion resumes
Dany Fitzgerald
Lauren Axelson

Chair will recognize Vice President providing he can offer exclusive or pertinent information to discussion
Vice President Senda speaks about distribution of information on constitutional amendment

Dr. McLaughlin clarifies discussion topic

Roll Call Vote:

Senator Walls: Yes
Senator Dowse: No
Senator Axelson: No
Senator Magwitz: No
Senator Hamdan Yes
Senator Vasquez: No
Senator Jensen: Yes
Senator Balladares: Yes
Senator Kotleski: Yes
Senator Koenen: Yes
Senator Hill: Yes
Senator Luna: Yes
Senator Fitzgerald: Yes
Senator Zizich: No
Speaker Barber: No

Motion Passes 9-6

Inquiry will be sent to Parliamentarian

Vice President’s Report
–United Council representative in attendance obtains VP’s speaking time
Brei speaks on Public Hearings of JFC

Executive Announcement by Parliamentarian Wilson
–Will take as much time as possible to render legal opinion
–Clarifies 60 day rule in election bylaws

Adjournment at 5:37 p.m.

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