Featured Book – I of the Sun by Richard Arthur

“In terms of your place in the world, it’s your actions that define you. Every moment of your life you are always, necessarily doing something. And so the question is – why do you do what you do?

A young man travels on a one-way ticket to Southeast Asia to find out, in search of freedom and everything that comes with it. Free from responsibility, free from others, free from himself.

From Malaysia to the idyllic beaches of Krabi in Thailand, the beautiful islands of Ko Phi Phi and the legendary Full Moon Party of Ko Phangan. From the steaming streets of Khao San Road in Bangkok, to the Songkran water festival in the mountain city of Chiang Mai. The riverside backpacker hangout of Vang Vieng in Laos, the long road through Cambodia to Saigon, and up through Vietnam all the way to Hanoi.

He discovers paradise islands and electric cities, and gets hooked on crazy liquor, cheap pills, loose women and easy living. Navigating through a jungle of butterflies and ladyboys, socio-narcotic minefields, hustlers, mafia, mad men and mystics, he surfs the line between reality and imagination, sanity and madness, and life and death itself.

I of the Sun also voyages through many areas of philosophy, science and history, to discover whether or not we truly have free will – and if we do, then how do we control ourselves?

At turns hilarious and horrifying, beautiful and ugly, Richard Arthur’s debut novel takes you on an epic journey following the Sun around Southeast Asia and into the very heart of human consciousness, in this literary and philosophical tour de force.”

“Richard Arthur grew up in Cambridgeshire, England, before graduating in Management Studies and Philosophy from The University of Leeds. He then went travelling in Southeast Asia and didn’t come back. He has lived in Thailand for most of the last ten years, working as a university lecturer, amongst other jobs. He’s also taught English in London and China.
His first book – I of the Sun – is based on his first trip to Southeast Asia. It was initially released in Thailand and gained a cult following on the backpacker circuit before coming to the UK in 2013.”


Information supplied by Richard Arthur and Amazon UK.

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