“One Man, Two Guvnors”: A comedic masterpiece

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The cast of “One Man, Two Guvnors” engaged the audience and each other with their performance. COURTESY OF UW-PARKSIDE

UW-Parkside’s spring comedy had the audience in stitches from start to finish


HOLLACE VILLARREALVilla068@rangers.uwp.edu

Even before the show, the cast and crew put on a great performance. With the house lights still up and while people were still finding their seats, the band, led by Ben Briselden with Moises Diaz and Gerson Diaz, performed old tunes from the 60’s (the decade in which the play takes place).

Two cast members sat behind old-fashioned television cameras, “filming” the band’s performance and giving the play a behind-the-scenes feeling. The crew moved set pieces around without ever drawing the curtains, adding to that effect.

The attention to detail was quite stunning. Even the 7-Up bottle one of the TV camera operators was drinking from was vintage. It really felt like you were sitting in the live studio audience of a sitcom.

First act left the audience hungry for more

There was a brief introduction to the convoluted plot, where Pauline (Lauren Stoner) and Alan (Matt Rangel) were to be married, but Pauline’s father (Cody Summers) hadpromised her to a man who was now dead, but he had risen from the dead to claim his bride. The man turned out to be a woman in disguise, the dead man’s sister Rachel (Rayne Kleinofen), who stole her brother’s identity. After all that, the main character Francis Henshall (Alexander Griffin) took the stage.

Motivated primarily by hunger in the first act, Henshall was a sympathetic, yet misguided man who had taken two jobs serving both Rachel and her fiance Stanley (Ryan Zierk), the man who had killed her brother.

Alexander Griffin pulled off a stunning performance, masterfully delivering every joke and witty one-liner. The audience participation, planted or not, was spectacular, and the scene at the restaurant in particular—one of those fun moments where everything seems to be coming to a head, from the bumbling elderly waiter Alfie (Cole Conrad), to Henshall rushing around to appease his governors, to the governor’s coming out (never at the same time, conveniently) to ask where their food was, to Gareth (Skyler Albaugh) the waiter, along with an audience member pulled on stage for a surprisingly long amount of time—was a splashing success.

The second act did not disappoint

With Henshall’s initial motivation solved, he moves on to a new goal: Dolly (Hannah Anderson). Dolly’s performance as a 60’s-brand feminist was awe-inspiring, and her speech about a world she envisioned for the future left the audience in a stunned silence, hanging on her every word.

Pauline and Alan’s plotline had a good message there too. When Pauline was ready to kill herself for love, in front of Alan without him even lifting a finger to stop her, Dolly intervened to tell her he wasn’t worth it, especially if he was about to let her die. Throughout the rest of the play, he had to earn her love back.

In the end, it was Henshall’s lofty goals that did him in. While he was planning on takingDolly on vacation, he gave himself away to his governors and to the rest of the cast; however, in the end all was forgiven and each character got what they truly wanted.

My take on the play

Personally, I thought the play was a stunning success. Of course, Griffin’s performance was amazing, but Robbie Saw (who played Lloyd), Cole Conrad and Hannah Anderson are definitely actors to look out for. Though they had smaller, supporting roles, I found myself enjoying every moment that they were onstage.

The costume and stage design was amazing, everything was almost a caricature of the 1960’s, though that feeling was balanced by the TV-production frame of the story. Misti Bradford (costume design), Kyle Racas (charge artist) and Zach Young (scenic design) did an amazing job, though we’d expect no less from our award winning design crew.  

During scene changes the band from the beginning would play songs, often joined by a member of the cast. Each song was well done and entertaining, but the best was when the three main actresses Hannah Anderson, Lauren Stoner and Rayne Klienofen came out to sing a wonderful song about how to help your man avoid getting caught for murder.

Overall, the play was great. The theater department has pulled off a stunning success as usual. The Ranger News will be sure to check out “Eurydice,” playing later this semester.


The Therapy Club is ambitious, informative

TRAVIS NORTHERN| north004@rangers.uwp.edu

What’s the difference between physical therapy and occupational therapy? If you do not know the difference, then you can be forgiven. Before psychology major Kevin Stearns began to work on Parkside’s newest club, he did not know either.

Under the guidance of academic advisor Kim Armstrong, Stearns founded the Therapy Club, an educational organization completely focused on informing students about their academic pathways to working in the field of therapy.

Informational meetings

The club’s second meeting took place on March 5th. At least a dozen students attended, and about half of them were new members, all of whom come from different backgrounds and majors.

Throughout the meeting presentation, Stearns presented several essential pieces of advice and information for aspiring medical workers. “You will need a lot of volunteer hours,” he explained, when referring to occupational therapy requirements. “The Therapy Club will offer opportunities and connections for this over the course of the semester.”

Stearns began the club to inform students about the various career paths within healthcare, beyond the traditional nurse and physician positions. Specializing in therapy, either occupational or physical, is an important role, needed to help elderly, injured, disabled, traumatized, and special needs patients.

The club’s future

To help keep the student body informed about the importance of therapy, Therapy Club plans to host guest speakers at its meetings, offer networking opportunities, and deliver important information to students of all disciplines.

If you or someone you know is interested in a career in therapy or psychology, or if you are simply interested in getting involved on campus with an educational club, then stop by the open-door meetings at Molinaro D128, held each Monday at noon.

If you would like to support their cause with publicity, like their page on Facebook or check out their Campus Connect profile: https://campusconnect.uwp.edu/organization/therapyclub



Ranger women’s perfect season comes to a close, fall 1-0 in Sweet Sixteen

On Nov. 21 the number three ranked Ranger women’s soccer team, riding high on a perfect season, fell to eleventh ranked Grand Valley State University early in overtime, 1-0. It was a valiant effort on the end of the Ranger women, who could have given up at least six goals, but fought to keep them from the back of the net.

The game opened up unusually for the Ranger women, with the team being more on the defensive for the majority of the first half. Grand Valley St. controlled much of the tempo, but that didn’t stop the Rangers from attacking whenever possible. Neither team was superior, but the Lakers seemed to have the edge early and often. Senior Midfielder Kelsey Armour took the best shot of the game for the Rangers with twenty seven minutes left in the first, kicking the ball out of the reach of the keeper, but slightly above the post. Later in the first, Grand Valley was threatening deep in the box, keeper Mallory Geurts got slightly out of position and a Laker put a good shot on goal, but Defender of the Year, Senior Karley Mecko came up big, deflecting it out of bounds, keeping the score knotted at zero going into the half.

The second half started out much like the first, with the Lakers attacking early throughout, and the Rangers attacking on any opportunities that presented themselves. The game got very physical, with a lot of pushing and shoulder blocks for both sides (a GVSU player was carded with twenty four minutes left). GVSU got deep into the box on a few occasions, but First Team Member Goalie Mallory Geurts kept them in front of her; the game went into overtime still tied at zero.

The overtime period went back and forth for what seemed like a few moments; that was until the game ended on a header off of a corner kick by a GVSU player, propelling Grand Valley State into the Elite Eight, and leaving the Ranger Women defeated.

The Rangers were undefeated throughout the season, collecting the regular season and conference titles on route to a sweet sixteen appearance. The team landed six players on All-GLVC Teams, and three individual awards (Karley Mecko was Defensive Player of the Year, Bailey Reed was Freshman of the Year, and Troy Fabiano was Coach of the Year). The game was also the finale for four great Ranger careers, Kelsey Armour, Karley Mecko, Ashley Meyer and Emily Konior. In their four years, the Rangers made it to the NCAA tournament four straight times, appeared in two sweet sixteen games, and put up an astonishing record of 32-2-6 at Wood Road Field.

We at The Ranger News want to once again congratulate the UW-Parkside Women’s Soccer Team on a banner season, and on being not only one of the most dominant teams this year, but consistently achieving excellence year in and year out. You are our champions, ladies.

Article by Jalen Perry

Women’s Soccer ready for postseason run at a National Championship

This year’s women’s soccer squad is one of the most dominant teams in school history. Not just running the table for the second time in school history, but sweeping the GLVC Regular Season and Tournament championships.

The strength of the team was their defense, not allowing two or more goals on the entire season (outscoring their opponents 48-5 on the year including the GLVC Tournament). They came an award away from also sweeping individual awards this year with six players on All-GLVC teams; Seniors Karley Mecko (who also won Defensive Player of the Year), Emily Konior, Niekie Pellens and Sophomore Mallory Geurts all landed on First Team All-GLVC, Sophomore Jillian Hetfleisch was selected Second Team, and Freshman Bailey Reed was Third Team (also winning GLVC Freshman of the Year).

Coach Troy Fabiano picked up his fourth GLVC Coach of the Year Award, and in an interview says that the girls make him look very smart. He credited the award mostly to the girls, saying that “it is up to them to perform at the end of the day.” I asked him to reflect on the season so far and he said that the girls have pretty much accomplished every goal that they set at the beginning of the season, and then some. They aimed to not only to win their division, but to win the outright GLVC regular season championship, they emphatically accomplished that goal. They wanted to host the GLVC tournament and win it in front of their home fans, also accomplishing that. He says if it wasn’t for the senior leaders keeping the team on track and reminding them to keep their eyes on the prize day in and day out, then this season wouldn’t have been possible. Now, they prepare for their fifth straight NCAA Tournament; they are ranked third, first in the Midwest, and will host opening and second round games at Wood Road Field. Once again, the wily veteran coach didn’t take my bait in trying to get a prediction. He said that they are going to take it a game at a time because anything can happen in the tournament. They are going to stay prepared because they are now being hunted. But Rangers are never scared of a challenge.

Let’s rally behind our women’s team; they are the real deal and are about to put the country on notice once again. Their first game is Sunday Nov. 16 at 1:00pm against either Ohio Dominican University or Saginaw Valley State University. Go Rangers!

Article by Jalen Perry

Our top seeded Ranger Women win GLVC Soccer crown 4-1

Nov. 9 2014. Naturally, this was one of the tougher challenges defensively the Rangers felt all tournament, with seventh ranked Cinderella team Missouri S&T pressing a lot during the game. But in the end, it was a seventeenth win for the undefeated and now undisputed conference champion, UW-Parkside Rangers.

The game started out perfectly, within the first two minutes of the game, sophomore midfielder Taylor Schiffer-Jander scored on a breakaway goal, her seventh of the season, giving Parkside an early 1-0 edge on the Miners. After that goal, the Rangers continued to press on throughout. Later in the first half, seniors Niekie Pellens and Kelsey Armour connected on another corner kick, similar to a play the game before against Truman St., with Pellens getting the assist (14th) and Armour heading it in for her fifth goal of the year. With all of the scoring Parkside was doing early, the upstart Miner team did get a few chances, as they played freely, pressing on all chances they got. Goalie, First Team All-GLVC member Mallory Geurts made a beautiful save with seventeen minutes left, but on the corner kick that followed, Missouri S&T broke through, scoring; Parkside was still leading 2-1 going into the half.

Parkside came out of the half with a new fire in their eyes, being much more aggressive trying to score the ball. Second Team All-GLVC member, Sophomore Forward Jillian Hetfleisch scored eight minutes into the second half for her seventh on the season, extending the Ranger lead to 3-1. Then, just three minutes later, Third Team All-GLVC member and Freshman of the Year, Bailey Reed scored, placing the ball perfectly on the outside, high post just outside the reach of the Miners goalkeeper for her fifth goal of the season, furthering the Ranger lead, 4-1. Coach Troy Fabiano began to take his seniors out one by one, as the Rangers won their fifth tournament championship (2003, 2004, 2008, 2010 and 2014).

The girls finish the season 17-0-3, winning the regular season and now tournament championships. This has been a historic and banner year for the Parkside Women’s Soccer team. Now, heading into the NCAA tournament, our Rangers have to be one of the favorite’s to bring home a National Championship. It is a great time to be a Ranger, present or past.

We here at The Ranger News want to say congratulations to everyone on the team, players and coaches, etc. We will continue to support on through to the NCAA Tournament as well. Go Rangers!

Article by Jalen Perry