UW-Parkside Women’s Soccer advances to conference championship with 2-0 victory

On Nov. 7 the Ranger women continued their journey to an undefeated season with a 2-0 shutout victory over Truman State. The game was back and forth for stretches, but overall the strength of the team, the defense, kept the ball on our side of the field for the majority of the contest. Both goals, assisted by sophomore defender Niekie Pellens, came off of corner kicks. Though the girls couldn’t seem to get calls to go their way, they toughed through it and persevered, just like we Rangers do.

The first half was dominated by the Ranger women, other than a few spurts by the Bulldogs (two shots on goal in first half); we kept the ball on our side of the pitch and controlled the tempo. There seemed to be a lot of chances late in first half to score, but the girls failed to pull the trigger on many of them. The first goal came with twenty minutes left in the first; Niekie Pellens served up a beautiful kick, and sophomore midfielder Lauren Bialas, who had literally just checked into the game, came soaring for the header goal. Wood Road Field came unglued as the fans felt the girls inching closer to the title game. The first half ended with the Rangers up 1-0.

The second half felt like an encore of the first, with the Rangers controlling the tempo and threatening early and often (finishing with five shots on goal for the day). The game started to get physical as Truman State got a lot of the calls; the girls were visibly getting flustered (two of our players picked up yellow cards), but they kept their composure and struck again. With thirty one minutes left, another corner by Niekie Pellens was headed in by senior midfielder Kelsey Armour. That was all the girls needed to capture their sixteenth victory of the season, shtting Truman St. out 2-0.

The women play in their second straight GLVC Championship game against Missouri University S&T on Sunday, Nov. 9 at noon. Location: Wood Road Field/Ranger Central. Come out and support on what should be a memorable ending to this historic conference season.

Go Rangers!

Article by Jalen Perry

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