Carey Watters’ Paper Reliquaries

Walking through the exhibit is a breathtaking experience. Each piece of work is a meticulously crafted three-dimensional collage of curious and delightful paper artifacts, assembled into architectural beauty. Every piece takes you into another world and it’s easy to get lost in wonderment, staring for hours. The art is assembled from a variety of paper relics, such as journal notes, bible pages, maps, book pages, matchbook covers, Victorian art, antique graphics and more. The works are inspired by Roman Byzantine architecture, the artist’s residency in Noepoli, Italy and travels to Calabria, Puglia, and Basciliata. After seeing this miraculous work, I am proud to announce that the artist of this stunning work, Carey Watters, is actually a fellow Parkside comrade! Currently, she is an assistant professor here at Parkside, teaching graphic design and typography. On her website,, she expresses her passion as a teacher. She professes, “I enjoy the role of the facilitator. The studio atmosphere should focus on collaboration in the building of design ideas. I see myself as a tool for the students to utilize in the development of their own design aesthetic. As an instructor of graphic design, the environment I create is professional and nurturing. Students should feel comfortable to express themselves in any way they see fit.” From viewing her work in the gallery, it’s clear that she has a devotion to her work, in her art and teaching. If you can’t make it to the opening reception, I strongly urge you to stop by the Foundations Gallery sometime to lose yourself in the marvelous work of Carey Watters. The exhibit will be displayed until Nov. 18, and is a must-see!

Article by Liv Gripko

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