E.H. Mathis Gallery hosts Racine Art Guild

Imagine painting the landscape in front of you in one sitting. This is what the Racine Art Guild has done for their exhibit in the E.H. Mathis gallery at Parkside. This painting style has its roots in the French impressionists who left their studios behind and painted outside. These paintings are started and completed in the same sitting. This is a juried show and is juried by Lisa Marie Barber, associate professor of Arts at Parkside. The exhibit will run until May 18.

Each piece is painted on or near Parkside. Walking through the breathtaking exhibit it is easy to see familiar clusters of trees or walking paths. Some of these works are offered for sale while others are just displayed. The works range from fall through winter as is visible by falling leaves and snow covered trees in the landscape. While each artist is using the same general method to create their work, it is easy to see how each individual artist brings their unique ability into the painting. One could easily spend extended amounts of time exploring each artist’s use of the light and their view that they decided to share with us. While viewing the works in the gallery it is impressive to see each artist’s view of the nature scenes around Parkside in their eyes. One artist focused on a leaf, while another focused on the broader view of a snow covered hill with an empty bench. Although each work is different due to different visions of the artists, the similarity throughout the exhibit is flawless.

While the exhibit brings together the work of many wonderful artists it is interesting to see how each painting lends itself into the next one. Starting from the right side of the exhibit one sees trees in various forms of undress as they prepare for the winter and lose their leaves. Going further into the gallery the loss of leaves and the addition of snow in many of the paintings can be seen. Some of the artists focused on a single tree or cluster of trees while others used a small scene to show the viewer what they were seeing.

This is a collection of art that is special to have at UW-Parkside, as it is a scene most people on campus see daily. These woirks are done by local artists, and to visit the gallery is free. It is open Monday-Friday from 9AM-4PM. Take the time to browse the gallery and see the works of art that they have on display.

Article by Kari Tower-Sevick

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