Parkside’s website reboot

The University of Wisconsin Parkside’s website was revamped in March 2014, taking on the look and feel of an app. All students received some emails concerning the new website, which was under construction for months before its reveal. It features pages that explore many aspects of Parkside’s community, and is organized into six different pages: Live, Learn, Apply, Engage, Connect, and Explore. The Live page shows information on student activities, student leadership opportunities and the basics of university life. The Learn page gives you the academics side of the Parkside community. The Apply page gives information to those who want to become fellow Rangers. Are you interested in what is happening with athletics, the arts or even the culture around campus? Then you should head towards the Engage page. Connect gives alumni, partners, and others within the University of Wisconsin Parkside’s family the ability to check out what’s taking place on campus. The Explore page provides information on Parkside, employment at Parkside, and an option for donors. Finally, the “Who Are You?” widget gives a drop-down menu where you can click on your appropriate connection with Parkside. This widget is mostly for faculty and students (admitted, future or current). Those selected pages provide some quick links, upcoming events, and pages that students and faculty may be familiar with. With this new website, there are many more pages to explore! Something is waiting. Enrich your mind. Change lives. Enhance your education with a click.

Article by Erin Hopkins

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