The Night Before Finals

‘Twas the night before finals, and in the library
Many students were crying, their faces quite scary

The books were all opened, highlighted with care
In hopes that the answers they needed were there

The students were crashing, stress all in their head
Trying to remember just what their profs said

The Parkside Health Center was busy you see
With kids claiming fevers of one hundred and three

When suddenly out on the roof it appeared
It wasn’t the geese, but a fat guy with reindeer

“To the window!” I cried, but not to the wall
I wanted to see Santa, I was tired of fall

The moon was as high as the price at Brickstone
With its light I could tell Santa wasn’t alone

I rubbed my eyes, because I must be tired
Our cops had denied him, ranger card required

“Do you know who I am?!” shouted Santa with fury
He had presents to give out, he was in quite a hurry

“There’s cheat sheets for Johnny and lab notes for Noel
And here, prayers for Jack, his GPA’s shot to hell”

With a swift kick Rudolph sent the cops off the roof
They landed in snow with a nice, gentle poof

No one else in the library noticed a thing
All their eyes were now puffy from all the crying

“But Santa’s outside!” I tried rousing a senior
“MY THESIS IS DUE” I heard 20 times meaner

Frustrated I left the library to see
Santa now in the hall, atop the zamboni

On top of his back was a duffle so big
It had all of the cheat sheets, from bio to trig

“To the library, Santa!” I called out with glee
He told me to be patient, to just wait and see

I smelled something strange then, not cookies or milk
Something was burning, was it Santa’s red silk?

The zamboni was not filled with water, but gas!
What was Santa doing?! Frantic I warned the class

That was met with some death threats and slaps in the face

With a dash, I ran to where Santa was waiting
He held up a flier, like he was debating

“You have a school paper?” He asked with a smile
“I’m the editor” I said, my eyes on the tile

“So was I!” he replied, pocketing the lighter
If possible, I swore that his beard just got whiter

“Schools with newspapers are too special to burn
Study hard for finals, you have much to learn”

He tossed me the cheat bag and vanished like that
Leaving nothing behind but his classic red hat

Back in the library I must have been dreaming
Which would’ve been hard amidst all of the screaming

But I heard jingle bells and felt up on my head
There was santa’s hat, just as white and as red

I ran to the window and saw a reindeer hoof
Santa waved goodbye and launched the sleigh off the roof

And I heard him exclaim as he rode out of sight
“Man there’s nowhere to park unless you take class at night!”

by Maggie Lawler

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