Worldfest 2014 hits Parkside

Worldfest is to remind us that while we may be from a variety of nations or cultures that we are all at Parkside to learn. This fest opened with a flag ceremony walk across campus with a group of dancers leading the way on March 10. The flags were carried by volunteers who were all able to decide which flag they wanted to carry. The procession made its way across campus and ended by the library, where the ceremony ended with a performance by the Dance Academy of Mexico.
The wares of the world will be available for sale outside the library on March 12 from 12-2PM. Worldfest will end with a bang at the World Dinner Cuisine on Friday.
The World Dinner Cuisine will be held on March 14 from 6PM until 10PM. Seating is limited so purchase your ticket soon. There will be Spanish, Ukraine and UWP Beat dancers to keep you entertained. This is in addition to Scottish bagpipes and a fashion show.
Worldfest is sponsored by the Parkside International Club. This club is focused on learning from different cultures experiences, global diversity, and they provide support for international students at Parkside. By being aware of other cultures and their beliefs it allows us to be more culturally competent. The Parkside International Club has 38 listed members and they are actively involved in our campus community.

Article by Kari Tower-Sevick

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