Ranger Wellness back at Parkside

Did you know that there is a program on campus to promote health and wellness in faculty, staff and students here at University of Wisconsin- Parkside? Each semester there is a kick-off event and opportunities to win prizes. This event began on Feb. 18 and the goal is to earn points each week towards prizes. One can enter as a team or individual. According to the Ranger Wellness Challenge here is how people obtain points:

“Teams or individuals compete by earning points weekly for activities such as exercising, eating well, and making simple lifestyle changes” (2014).

This semester the challenge is to log steps walked so that we can log the steps to equal the distance to both New York and Miami from Kenosha, WI. One might wonder why it is so important to join something as the Ranger Wellness program or have a program like this on a college campus. One reason that this is so important is that many people want to practice a healthy lifestyle but may not have the knowledge or support to do so. By making this a competition more people are likely to get involved and go farther in learning about health and wellness than might have happened by themselves. You can join by filling out a form online, or talk to Student Activities if you have questions.

Article by Kari Tower-Sevick

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