Practical Wisdom at UWP

The Politics, Philosophy, and Law department is sponsoring the Ethics Lecture Series, Practical Wisdom. This semester’s theme for the series is environmental ethics. The series consist of three lectures, of which the first two have already occurred. “If You Walk the Footsteps of a Stranger” by Catlyn Origitano, who is from Marquette University and is a Philosophy Ph.D. candidate was first. The second was “Climate Change Ethical Problems, Policy Solutions” by Melissa Hatch, who is from UW-Madison and is an Environment & Resources Ph.D. student. Both lectures drew a large crowd; Ms. Hatch’s lecture had 68 people in attendance. The third lecture, “Environmental Racism: A Chicago Case Study” given by Seth Mayer, will be on the the fourth of November in Molinaro 109. Funding for the series was provided by The Lecture and Fine Arts Committee. The series’ purpose is to drum-up interest for the new Ethics Certificate Program.

Lynne Eedy

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