Journal of the Senate 10/21

Minutes from 10/21/2013 Senate Meeting

Speaker Dustin Beth called the meeting to order at 12 Noon in the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Ballroom.

Roll call was taken. Senators in attendance were: Beth, Dowse, Miksch, Mian, Naji, Cabral, Longrie, Garcia,Tennyson, Hoffman, and Edwards.

Senators excused were: Perdomo and Robbins due to an advisory meeting and an internship confliction.

Senators absent without an excuse were: Krawcyk

Speaker Beth announced that Senators Frazier and Jensen submitted letters of resignation due to conflicting commitments and job opportunities. The Speaker wished them well.

Dean Tammy McGuckin announced that the University of Wisconsin-Parkside was reaccredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

She also announced that they would be conducting phone interviews for the process of the Provost Search.

United Council Regional Field Officer Niabi spoke about updates on United Council. She was questioned about the $25 conference fee now levied on students as well as the $800+ stipends that officers of the board receive. She provided little response.

President Sepanski provided the Senate with the Bookstore Committee which would be an opportunity to advance change for the future of bookstore related items.

She also spoke about Faculty Senate which would be tomorrow (10/22) in Molinaro D132. Vice President DeChant updated the Senate on the Budget. We have about $25,000 remaining.

Speaker Beth updated the roster to reflect what the resignations looked like. He also stated that Alfredo Garcia was appointed to Bylaws and that Caleb Hoffman was appointed to SLC. Speaker Beth also addressed the email he recently sent out to senators regarding SUFAC.

The Senate then approved S. Res. 72013 which thanked the folks involved with the planning of the Regents Meeting. It was confirmed by unanimous consent.

The Senate adjourned to closed session per Wis. Statutes at 12:24 P.M. and with prior notice reconvened into closed session.

Prepared By: Justin Irwin, Senior Administrative Director for the Speaker

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