Journal of the Senate – 9/24/13

September 24th 2013

Speaker Beth called the meeting to order at 5:00 P.M.

Roll Call was conducted:

Mr. Beth: Present
Ms. Bharvani: Absent- Unexcused
Mr. Delcuze: Present
Mr. Dowse: Present
Ms. Edwards: Present

Ms. Fikejs: Present
Mr. Frazier: Present
Ms. Jensen: Absent-Unexcused
Ms. Krawczyk: Present
Ms. Longrie: Present
Mr. Martin: Present
Mr. Miksch: Present
Ms. Perdomo: Present
Mr. Robbins: Present
Ms. Thompson: Absent-Unexcused

With 13 Senators out of 15 Senators duly chosen and sworn, quorum was met.

The Speaker moved to messages to the Senate. The following letters were received by the Speaker of the Senate:

Letter from Senator Keona Thompson announcing her resignation which was effective immediately.

Letter from President Annalee Sepanski and Vice-President Mila DeChant expressing the consent of the Executive Branch to not pass the Student Organization Handbook.

Without objection, the Speaker placed the letters into the journal for approval by the Senate next week.

The Speaker asked for citizen comments.

Parliamentarian Caitlin Tunks-Barno spoke on behalf of clarifying that she was “here to stay” and that no rumors about her departure should be taken seriously. She also addressed that in fact she was glad that her stipend was reallocated to students.

No further comments. Accordingly, citizen comments were closed.

The Speaker asked if Dean Tammy McGuckin had any comments.

Dean McGuckin reiterated that the Search Committee for the Provost in which the application submission end on October 4th. She also spoke that only one student expressed interest in the seat.

Senator Dowse requested the name of the individual.

Dean McGuckin stated that she wasn’t positive on the name of the individual but would communicate the name to the Senate as soon as she could pull up her email.

Senator Dowse expressed his thoughts about serving on the committee and encouraged others to participate in such committee.

No other comments were made by the Dean.

The Senate moved to approve the May 5th 2013 Minutes.

Motion by Senator Dowse and seconded by Senator Delcuze.

Unanimous decision to approve.

The Senate moved to approve the September 17 2013.

Senator Dowse expressed concerns that he had not briefed such minutes.

Motion to table made by Senator Dowse. Seconded by Senator Miksch.

The Senator proceeded to consideration of S. Res. 22013.

Without objection the reading of the resolution was waived and placed in the journal of the Senate.

Motion to table by Senator Dowse. There appeared to be no sufficient second.

Motion fails.

Senator Dowse expressed concerned that there was no constitutional authority of the Senate to have elections.

The Speaker stated that in fact the Constitution provides a plurality vote mechanism for filling seats; however, it was not required by the Senate to fill seats but it was legal.

The Speaker echoed the concerns of Senator Dowse in the “swinging door” policy that membership has taken in the Senate.

Senator Frazier moved to approve the resolution. Senator Krawczyk seconded.

Senator Frazier expressed his support for filling the seats with individuals who continually came to the meetings regularly.

The Resolution was approved unanimously.

The Speaker invited candidates to approach the dais and speak to the Senate.

Candidates Caleb Hoffman, Zeenet Mian, Alfredo Garcia, Timothy Tennyson, Crystal Cabral, and Rayan Naji.

The individuals introduced themselves.

Senator Dowse requested unanimous consent to elect the individuals.

Objection was noted by Senator Delcuze pending clearance by Dean McGuckin and Associate Dean Steve Wallner.

The candidates spoke about a question offered by Senator Frazier.

Following clearance, Senator Dowse offered again a unanimous consent to approve all candidates.

No objection, the new senators were seated.

The Speaker laid before the Senate, S. Res. 32013. Senator Dowse moves to table, Senator Delcuze seconds.

Resolution tabled by majority vote.

The Speaker laid before the Senate, S. Res. 42013. Without objection the reading was waived and placed in the journal.

Senator Frazier spoke regarding this resolution which included efforts to work with Sodexo to improve meal plans, make more connections with local food vendors as well as other pertinent food service issues.

Senator Delcuze spoke on Committee that is already established to work with Sodexo.

Senator Dowse encouraged collaboration with other committees as well citing the Athletics Council.

Senator Garcia speaks on ideas that students have approached him with regarding agriculture.

Senator Dowse moves to put to question. Seconded by Senator Delcuze.

Resolution passed with unanimous approval.

The Speaker laid before the Senate, S. Res. 52013.

Senator Frazier spoke about the resolution which amended posting rules to include 8.5”X11” pages.

Senator Dowse moves to question, Senator Delcuze seconded.

The Resolution was passed by unanimous approval.

The Speaker laid before the table, S. Bill 312013, the Student Organization Handbook.

Senator Frazier spoke on the bill. Senator Dowse moved to table the bill indefinitely; seconded by Senator Delcuze.

Senator Krawcyzk objected stating that she “on behalf of Student Activities” worked very
hard to ensure the handbook’s success as well as the timely operation and administration of such book. This would only hinder success by organizations.

Senator Garcia moved to amend Senator Dowse’s amendment providing only a week to table the measure. Senator Dowse took the amendment as friendly.

Senator Miksch moved to put the question.

The motion was not agreed to.

Senator Dowse moves to approve Handbook, Senator Frazier second.

The questioned was agreed to.

Senators were addressed the floor. Senator Delcuze would like to go over 36.09 (5) moves to place on agenda for next week.

Committee Members gave brief updates.

Speaker Beth stated that SUFAC was meeting Thursday at 11:45 A.M.

Senator Krawcyzk stated that SLC would move to have meetings Monday nights at 5PM.

The Senate adjourned at 5:58PM.

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