The truth about Valentine’s Day

At the time that I am writing this, Valentine’s Day is a mere six days away. Six days until what is supposed to be the holiday of romance and love and mindless adoration. But the closer it gets, the more people begin to question their relationships and themselves. In the apartment up the block, some guy is trying to decide what to get his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day and while shopping online for tickets to Katy Perry, he realizes that they have nothing in common whatsoever. On the other side of town, a girl is trying to decide whether to waste her time trying to find a Valentine’s Day date or simply spend the evening living vicariously through Kate Hudson. And yet another guy is living in a personal hell, pining over the girl of his dreams who he can’t seem to find the courage to approach. By all accounts, Valentine’s Day sucks.

So this is what I suggest: There is no better time than the present to tell the truth, especially when the present time is Valentine’s Day. There is no better time to explain to your girlfriend that this relationship you find yourself in is merely denying both of you the opportunity to be incredibly, disgustingly, frighteningly happy. There is no better time to go out into our snow-drenched world and find the him or the her that makes you feel just a little less lonely.

There is no better time than right this second to throw yourself at the mercy of the court, under the threat of embarrassment and rejection, and tell that person that yes, she is the one that your stupid heart beats for, and no, you won’t stop, because regardless of logic or feasibility, life is ephemeral and love is scarce and why, why, why should you deny yourself the truth living inside of your own heart. And maybe she’ll ignore you or maybe she has a boyfriend but it is very important that you say it anyway.

Because it’s Valentine’s Day.

Article by Hailey Foglio

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