Valentine’s Day: Survival tips for the cheap student

Valentine’s Day is upon us yet again. For some, this day will not be a pleasant one. For others, they have been waiting with anticipation for this day to come since the first seconds of the New Year. Now, regardless of your feelings towards this holiday, those with a significant other must put them aside and focus on one thing: the Valentine’s Day gift. It may seem like a superficial thing to focus on since it is a holiday of love and such, but on this day, take a moment to sit and listen. If you’re lucky, you will listen to a group of women with significant others and they will be talking about what they received for Valentine’s Day, or what they didn’t receive. It is also worth noting that Valentine’s Day just so happens to fall on a day that is not too far off from spending a significant amount of money on books for school. How does one manage? Maybe you already have the gift covered. In that case, good for you. For all those procrastinators out there, here are a few helpful tips for how to land a nice last minute Valentine’s Day gift (especially for those on the cheap side of things).

If you were to look on you would be able to find a few decent ideas for the last minute Valentine’s Day gift, such as checking, a website that allows you to find last minute reservations at local restaurants. They recommend that with reservations and some flowers, you’d be spending around $115. They obviously did not have the cheap college student in mind. Maybe you have the significant other who said they did not want to do anything for Valentine’s Day. Maybe you thought you lucked out and saved some money. Maybe you thought wrong. recommends that for that significant other, you let them do nothing, while you do everything, dinner, massage, etc. If you have some things in the fridge already then this may turn out to be the cheapest date. Spend $20-$30 on some wine (unless you’re under 21, then you save even more) and call it a Valentine’s Day date well done. If you are trying to go cheaper, robbing a florist may be the only other option, but that would result in spending Valentine’s Day in a holding cell, and it’s doubtful you will be finding a decent date in one of those. So good luck this yea,r folks, and if Valentine’s Day just isn’t your thing, relax. It’ll all be over soon.

Article by Jimmy Gibbs

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