Comic book creator visits Parkside

This week will prove exciting for Parkside students and staff as John Porcellino will be visiting our campus to both speak and conduct a workshop for anyone interested in attending. Who is John Porcellino? For those that aren’t familiar with the name, Porcellino is a creator of comic books and is best known for his self-published, mostly autobiographical mini-comic series King-Cat, which happens to be one of the longest running mini-comics around today. Porcellino has been at it for over twenty-five years, creating comics, graphic novels, and mini-comics, including King-Cat which he started writing and illustrating in 1989. He has been considered an inspiration to the modern comic creator given the style of his artwork and what he has been able to accomplish for the medium.

Starting Wed., Feb. 20, Porcellino will be conducting a mini-comic workshop from 2:00-4:45pm in CART D113 in which he will be working with students and teaching them how to find inspiration in their everyday lives. Then, in the same room, from 5:30-7:00pm he will be talking to students over pizza about his career, his artwork, and will also be providing feedback to students who wish to show him their artwork. He will return Thurs., Feb. 21st in CART 131 from 2:00-3:00pm for a public lecture, followed by another workshop from 3:10-4:45pm in CART D109.

For those thinking this is an event only for art savvy people, fear not. You are more than welcome, and in fact encouraged, to attend. When you look at Porcellino’s artwork, it may appear crude, but match his artwork with his style and subject matter, and you will find yourself submerged in a great story. So don’t be afraid and think comic creation is something you will never be able to do, because after attending any one of these events with John Porcellino, you may reconsider. For more information on John Porcellino and his comics check out his website at

Article by Jimmy Gibbs

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