Parkside Poets

Poems by Yasmin Karce

Deviant Truths.

The streets scream in agony. “Scrape through the secrets within the pavement,” they say.

Replenish the depressing evenings with liquid red to sugarcoat the sulk.

The lights flash in color. Directing our faults. Slow. Fast. Cease all. Devour the noises driven by pedestrians as they pave their territories in all directions. Crash.

Pay attention to the signs that boldly say “no turn on red.” Signal for help. Park those daydreams long into the night, and let them run with no brakes.

Feed your soul wisely. Tune the car radio. Let it replenish your shine. Negativity becomes inaudible sound. Inaudible sound. I, too, am sound. My sound cannot be played only heard from afar and touched by harmony. Touch my core with meaning.

Break the brakes before self destruction.

A Bitter Craving.

Today I woke up with you on my mind.

The scent of your crooked smile lingered between the bed sheets.

Your limp body upon mine covered by cloth.

The stale breath of love filled the room.

I could taste the richness in your forgiveness.

It was the kind of meal that was eaten only when in the mood; bitterness never left the tongue.

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