Gamma Alpha Omega Pic

Interview by

David J. Byrd

1)      Why is Greek Unity important?

a.       To me, Greek Unity is one of the most important factors to keep Greek Life going. All Greek Members join their own organizations and may have different values/pillars, but all Greek Organizations have a main purpose which is to give back to the community and make a difference! It’s not about who the best is, who is the biggest, or who throws the best parties. Greek life is about support, encouragement, and genuine appreciation we all have for each other and making a difference by working together.

2)      What is community service or work in the community mean to your organization?

a.       Community service means many different things. Community service means giving part of me that will live forever. Sacrifice, faith, hope, love, selflessness & generosity. Community service is a rewarding experience. Community service is meeting the needs of those around us when you are able. Community service has no requirement; you don’t need a degree to give back to the community. Community service is a form of paying it forward because down the road, we may need help ourselves.

3)      What’s something that your organization is working on to exemplify themselves on the Parkside campus?

a.      Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority Inc. has a lot of events we do annually, to name a few:

i.      We hosted a board game drive & school supply drive for Big Brothers &                     Big Sisters this summer.

ii.      We raised money for Wounded Warriors Project through a flag fundraiser                    on September 11th.

iii.      We are currently raising money for the AIDS Walk of Wisconsin.

iv.     We are participating in the Alzheimer’s Walk this weekend.

v.      We will be participating in bother Hunger Clean Up & Make a Difference                      Day.

vi.      We host our annual Mitten Tree every winter for HALO, where we collect                     winter clothing for families

vii.      We will be adopting a family for the Christmas Holidays through                                  the Boys & Girls Club

viii.      We also mentor youth throughout the Racine & Kenosha                                              Area (Kindergarten through 12th Grade) through our Gamma PALS &                        ROSAS mentoring program: attending their athletic events, tutoring,                            community service & supporting them through school along with their                          families.

4)      Since you are a part of a Greek organization on this campus. What is the benefit of Greek life?

a.       Where do I start? As alum, Greek Life has benefited me in SO many ways ranging from networking, building lifelong friendships, gaining a job, building leadership skills, pushing me to be a better person, pushing me to be a better student academically, being part of something bigger than myself, and most of all being able to make a difference in my community. I have been part of my sorority since 2010. I have served in all roles in the exec board as an undergrad and most recently I was hired to serve on our national board as Regional Director. Being able to be a role model for not only my sorority sisters in undergrad, but other Greek members in general makes me push to be a better person each and every day. One of the main reasons I have the job I do today is because of my leaderships skills that I gained from serving as a student leader and president of my sorority. Being Greek is so much more than just getting to wear letters and partying. Greek Life has a bad stigma due to stereotypes and movies. Real members of Greek Orgs can agree when I say being Greek is the best decision I ever made while in college. It is a lifelong commitment to being the change you wish to see in the world.

     Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority Inc. was founded on January 25, 1993, at       Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. Our eight founders had a vision to form an organization for Latina women. These courageous women set the stage for a thriving organization that continues to enrich the lives of many during their collegiate years and beyond. Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority Inc. distinguishes itself in the fraternity and sorority world by leading the way as the first Latina-based sorority to be founded at Arizona State University. Gamma Alpha Omega will also be the first sorority to partner its philanthropic efforts with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Dedicated to advancing women in the world, our founders’ vision has grown to serve more countless members nationwide.

Fall sports in full swing

Article by Jalen Perry


The women’s volleyball team is back after what many would consider a down year. Coach Paciero said that the team was in a bit of a re-building stage. The team finished with a positive win record of 15-13, and an 8-10 record in the competitive GLVC East. The team returns team MVP sophomore Jackie Langer, junior Rebecca Roembke, the team’s Most Improved Player, sophomore Lexi Turek, and junior Lauren Hickson. The team is currently off to a solid 7-4 start, with wins coming against conference foe Mizzou University S&T, and a recent sweep of then undefeated Michigan Tech University. The squad’s next home game will be November second, as they clash with conference nemesis – University of Indianapolis at seven p.m.


Two of the best teams here at UW-Parkside have always been both the women’s and men’s cross country. The teams are consistently ranked in either the top ten or twenty in the country. In fact, both teams are currently ranked in the top ten in the latest regional polls (men ranked third, women eighth). The men finished third of six teams in their first meet of the year (Flyers/Flames Invitational) and first at their second (UW-Parkside Midwest Open). The women finished fourth out of five teams during their meet at the Flyers/Flames invitational, and second of thirteen during their meet here at the UW-Parkside Midwest Open. The team’s next meet is in Minneapolis at the Roy Griak Invitational on September 26th.


The men and women’s soccer clubs have kicked off their season and they are both looking to continue their success from this past season. The men’s has begun the 2015-16 campaign with a 3-3 record, having notched shutout victories against fellow GLVC teams University of Indy, Truman State, and Saint Joseph’s College (Ind.). The team returns key players senior Antonio Gonzalez, junior Ben Kosmider, senior Elliott Schultz, and junior Ryan Shogren. Coach Jason Zitzke is now in his fifth season as head coach and is reaching nearly twenty years on the Rangers’ staff (17), and currently has 173 wins as the head man over the Parkside men’s soccer club. The men’s next home game will be on September 25th versus University of Mizzou-St. Louis at 3:30 p.m. All eyes will be on the women’s soccer team, who tied a season overall record with 18 wins, going undefeated in the regular season, sweeping through the GLVC tournament and making it all the way to the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA tournament. The Rangers lost valuable players to graduation, names such as GLVC Defensive Player of the Year and First Team All-GLVC member Karley Mecko, First Team All-GLVC member Niekie Pellens, First Team All-GLVC member Mallory Geurts, and GLVC Freshman of the Year Bailey Reed to transfer. But the team returns key players in Second Team All-GLVC Selection, junior Jillian Hetfleisch, sophomore Jenna Brzeski, junior Taylor Schiffer-Jander, and senior Kelly Trojak. The team also lost long-time head coach Troy Fabiano, who took his school record for wins by a soccer coach (222) to UWM. He is succeeded by Coach Brittany Nikolic, who played at Stanford University for three seasons and comes with very high coaching credentials, including turning around a down and out Alverno team into a strong DIII program and leaving as the all-time leader in wins. The team is currently 2-3-1 and already own a road win against rival University of Indianapolis. Their next home game is on September 25th against University of Mizzou-St. Louis at 1:15 p.m.

A Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

Modern Romance Book Cover

Review by Daniel Hansen

Aziz Ansari is a successful comedian and actor. His big break came when he secured a main role in the television show, Parks and Recreation. In Parks and Recreation, Ansari plays Tom Haverford, a man working for the parks department. Tom seems to be there for the money.

He’s never asked to do too much, and he slacks off a lot of the time. As the show progresses through each season, Tom starts to develop into a businessman, albeit, a poor one. Most of his companies either fail or are upstaged by other competition. By the end of the series, Haverford owns many restaurant chains and other businesses, and he has also found the love of his life.

In many ways, Tom Haverford is very reflective of Aziz Ansari himself. Aziz started out as a stand-up comedian in New York City. After he finished college with a degree in marketing,he would frequent Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, a very prestigious comedy club. Rolling Stone included him in their “Hot Standup” section, and he won HBO’s 2006 U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. Around the same time, he started collaborating with comedian’s Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer to make short films. Their group was named Human Giant, and after a few successful series, the group decided to pursue other opportunities.

That opportunity for Ansari happened to be Parks and Recreation. Surrounded by a great cast (Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt, Nick Offereman, to name a few) and great writers, Parks and Recreation was an instant hit, and had a great run of seven seasons, before ending this past spring. During this time, Ansari also appeared in several films and other television shows; films like I Love You, Man, Funny People, Observe and Report, and 30 Minutes or Less. He appeared in Scrubs (the first show that I found Aziz on), as well as Reno 911. All of his screen work overshadows Ansari’s impressive stand-up comedy career. Ansari has had a new comedy special in four of the past five years, as well as tours for each of those specials. That is an impressive feat considering all his work in television and film. His comedy is very accessible, as Ansari focuses on real events in his life. Ansari’s “real life” approach to comedy is what gives his book, Modern Romance, its strength.

Modern Romance, is far from comedy. Although Aziz Ansari wrote the book, as well as sociologist Eric Klinenberg, Modern Romance is actually quite factual, and is helpful in understanding the dating scene of America in 2015. Ansari explains in the beginning of the book that he went on a date with a woman, and they had a wonderful time. He texted her a few days later, and waited. The read receipts were on, and he noticed that she had seen the text, but no response. He was furious. He then realized that ten or twenty years ago, he would never have gone through this. He was “fascinated by the questions of how and why so many people have become so perplexed by the challenge of doing something that people have always done quite efficiently: finding romance.” He wondered if there were books out there that helped him understand this more, but nothing up to his standards. So, he decided to write that book.

The obvious reasons are there. With the advent of smart phones, people have become less inclined to go outside and talk to people. Why leave the house when you have a whole bevy of persons at your fingertips? Dating sites and social media have developed humans into a group of people that would rather look down to find a mate, rather than up. However, Ansari finds that this isn’t all that dissimilar to how people in the past started dating.

Take Tinder for an example.The user is given an array of photos of an individual, and the user either swipes right for a ‘like’ or a swipe left for a ‘dislike.’ The same could be said for someone 30 years ago. A man or woman may be walking down the street, past a coffee shop, and he or she might see an attractive person, they might walk up and talk to them. Another person may walk past the same shop, and see the same person, and keep walking. Our minds are programmed towards beauty. Unless you meet a person in a class, you’re most likely not going to know a single thing about that person you’re going on a first date with.

Ansari also finds that there are other reasons inhibiting the romantic quests of men and women. He held a social event, in which he invited many young men and women. There was one caveat, however: each young individual had to bring their parents. The young people then sat on one side of the room, while the parents sat on the other side. The first thing that Ansari noticed was the level at which the parents could mingle. Right away, the older people were conversing and laughing about all sorts of things. The younger people on the other side mostly stared down at their phones. Ansari asked a series of questions to both sides, trying to narrow what’s wrong with dating today. For the older folks, they said they would go to one bar or a mixer to find someone to date. With all of the options we have today, the parents found a disadvantage in how we date. They found sympathy for their children’s situation, and gratitude for their situations with dating, even though they were far from perfect.

Aziz Ansari tackles many of the problems that I have faced in my dating experiences. It’s a lot tougher today than we think it is. Ansari’s book has actually made me more aware of the dating world, and has even made me more comfortable and relaxed with my current state of love.

Modern Romance is a brilliant read by a multi-talented man.

Parkside Poets

Poems by Yasmin Karce

Deviant Truths.

The streets scream in agony. “Scrape through the secrets within the pavement,” they say.

Replenish the depressing evenings with liquid red to sugarcoat the sulk.

The lights flash in color. Directing our faults. Slow. Fast. Cease all. Devour the noises driven by pedestrians as they pave their territories in all directions. Crash.

Pay attention to the signs that boldly say “no turn on red.” Signal for help. Park those daydreams long into the night, and let them run with no brakes.

Feed your soul wisely. Tune the car radio. Let it replenish your shine. Negativity becomes inaudible sound. Inaudible sound. I, too, am sound. My sound cannot be played only heard from afar and touched by harmony. Touch my core with meaning.

Break the brakes before self destruction.

A Bitter Craving.

Today I woke up with you on my mind.

The scent of your crooked smile lingered between the bed sheets.

Your limp body upon mine covered by cloth.

The stale breath of love filled the room.

I could taste the richness in your forgiveness.

It was the kind of meal that was eaten only when in the mood; bitterness never left the tongue.