Letter to the Editor: PIP101

I recently logged onto RateMyProfessor.com – something I have only done one other time in my three years of college, and that one other time was for the exact same reason I was logging on now. I don’t go there to see what students are saying about professors, as most of them are whining about having to use the textbook, or that there is too much homework, or that they expect you to be in class everyday – come on, get over it…THIS IS COLLEGE AND IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE HARD. Don’t any of them realize that this is the easiest part of their lives? Don’t any of them understand that an employer is going to expect them to be there every day, fully equipped with all the necessary tools like pen and pencil, notepaper, maybe even a book or two? I digress.

No, I go onto RateMyProfessor.com to truly give feedback on a professor that should not be allowed to teach, mold, influence, enact or any other verb as it relates to the educating of our young minds of tomorrow. I have one such professor. Feedback? None. Return email correspondence? Slim to none. Help with projects? None. Clarity in explanation of assignments? Little to none. Grades Returned? You will be lucky if you see something once a month. Really? 4 weeks to return test grades? As we are nearing the end of the semester, I am not sure if I have a D or an A. I think I have an A, but who knows?

So, as I log on to rate this specific professor, I read the other comments posted by students for this same educator. OMG – seems like I am not the only one having the same problems!

Overall Quality: 2.0

Helpfulness: 1.0

Guess what? It’s been going on for years…you would think that the University would like to have this fixed. Is this not a direct reflection on them as an educational institution of higher learning? This professor is their choice as an educator. Hmmmmm….

And don’t even get me started on the professors that do the “cut and paste syllabi” which have the wrong semester due dates on them (Spring for Fall and vice versa) or the “form letter” emails that are supposed to be personal, but aren’t, and have grammar issues as well as content issues. Are professors above checking their work before submitting or hitting ‘send’?

As a former corporate executive, if this was run like a corporate business, they would ALL be fired for their lack of attention to detail bordering on incompetence. But, since this isn’t run as a business, it is academia – I rate these behaviors an “F”. You want to turn out undergraduate professionals? Then emulate the behavior with which you have expectations of.

Article by Robin Broughton

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