Parkside Offers Flu Shots for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Hope that everybody is ready to fight the flu this season. The idea of a possible fever, cough, sore throat, headaches, body aches, and overall not so awesome feeling is not our idea of a great time. Is it yours? If not, then beat the flu! Be proactive and get your vaccine today!

Flu Clinic 2013

The number of reported influenza cases is increasing nationwide. The virus is easily transferable, and the best and easiest way to prevent the flu is by getting an a vaccine.

The Student Health & Counseling Center has the flu vaccine available. Don’t become needlessly ill! Stop in to get your vaccine, it couldn’t be easier.

Feel free to call us at 262-595-2366 to find out when to stop by for a quick walk-in. Vaccines are $5 for students and $20 for faculty/staff.

The best bet is the shot!

Article brought to you by The Student Health and Counseling Center of UW-Parkside

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