Parkside Fear Factor

Hosted by Student Activities, a Parkside Fear Factorcompetition was held in the Den on Wednesday, Sept. 25th at 8 p.m.  The game began with six teams, and each team had two members. A crowd of mainly students filled the Den to watch in curiosity. There were six eliminating rounds to follow.


Six pie plates brimming with whipped cream were set in front of one member of each team. With their hands tied behind their backs, each needed to retrieve as many worms as possible hidden within the whipped cream. International Chinese student Luke and his teammate Alex were the first to face elimination after retrieving only 2 worms from the pie plate.  After making his way to the prize table to make his selections, Luke commented, “We actually get the best prize.  We are the first to choose!”

The next four rounds included blindfolds, more worms, buckets of ice, day old spaghetti and oatmeal, eyeballs, skittles and cat food. The competition was fierce.  Each team worked together to create close calls in each round of elimination.

In the fifth round, two teams were left standing.  One member from each team was placed in a chair and blindfolded.  They needed to dig as many eyeballs and grapes out of a bucket of ice using only their feet while their teammate guided them and collected the eyeballs and grapes in a plate.  Team one was eliminated, leaving teammates and Parkside students Andrea Levic and Julio Bonilla standing.


The crowd voted for one of the five eliminated teams to get back in the game and compete against Julio and Andrea in the final round.  A roar of cheers gave team one the crowd’s vote to get back in the game.  An appetizing array of crickets and worms were arranged on a plate in front of the four team members.  Andrea and Julio were the first to down the entire plate of insects, making them the champions of Parkside’s Fear Factor!  Teammate Julio exclaimed, “They tasted like barbeque chips!”

Unfortunately for the audience, it was later revealed that the worms were candied, the eyeballs were rubber, the cat food was spam, and the crickets, although real, were barbeque flavored.

Article by Doria DeBartolo

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