Dear Doctor Jimmy #1

Dear Doctor Jimmy,

I have these small puss filled corpuscles on my genitals. Usually they are focused around the glands from which my hair shoots out. They look like pimples and I can pop them as such. I have heard they are Fordyce spots and not herpes, but I’m not sure. Help me, Dr. Jimmy!

-Concerned Guy in Grad School

Dear Concerned Guy in Grad School,

All in all, this is a troubling situation. Any abnormalities that present themselves on the genitals are disconcerting to say the least. It’s not uncommon to freak out and think, “please, anything but herpes!” In most cases it is, indeed, anything but herpes. In-grown hairs are common if the area is shaved periodically, yet it would frighten me to know there was a male genitalia out there growing hair all the way up the shaft. If this is your case, submit that to some kind of traveling carnival or science, because that’s uncommon. If they are, indeed, Fordyce spots, that, too, is common, and popping them can produce a thick, chalky discharge. However, I wouldn’t recommend popping them, because that’s gross. Now, if it’s herpes, then it would seem you’re stuck with it, unfortunately. There’s no cure, and while herpes is just an obscene rash that sometimes causes fevers, it still has the stigma of the red-headed, wore diapers until it was twelve, step-child. Nobody wants it. In any of these situations, you should probably stop picking at genital growths; it doesn’t seem like a healthy practice. Also, as a precaution, you should make your way to a clinic and find out exactly what this may be. If picking is a compulsion you just can’t shake, you would hate to be picking herpes and your nose. Could lead to some uncomfortable situations. Best of luck, friend.

-Doctor Jimmy

Article by Doctor Jimmy

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