Why You Definitely SHOULD Go To Grad School

Here are the top five reasons that grad school is totally freaking awesome.

1. It gives you time to focus on your work. Whatever your work is, whether in English or some other discipline, you now have ample time to follow your passion. Before coming to WVU, I barely had time to do my own writing, unless I was in a class that allowed for that kind of work. I was busy with general education requirements and work and a whole slew of other things that kept me too bogged down to fully immerse myself in the work that I loved. Now, I am capable of working and taking classes (with some of the most amazing writers working today), and I still have time to do my own thing.

2. Have you ever been interested in teaching? Many grad students across all areas of study are offered the opportunity to teach undergrads. An excellent teacher can make a world of difference when it comes to education, and you now have the chance to be that force in a student’s life. Courses you are requested to teach are usually some kind of introductory class (like English 101), but as you go further in your career, you may be given the opportunity to teach things that you are specialized in or that you would simply like the opportunity to teach (like creative writing).

3. One excellent thing about grad school is the opportunity to make connections. You’ll not only being with current faculty and advisers in your chosen field, but other grad students. These connections can help you in your future career, whether you end up working together on a project or perhaps want to make a request for future funding. Not only that, but, as mentioned above, grad school is the time when you get to meet the really cool people from your field. Already this semester I’ve gone to a reading by Gary Fincke (and got his signature in my book!), and next week I’ll be attending another reading from the stellar nonfiction writer Janisse Ray. These are the kinds of privileged opportunities that many undergraduate students miss out on.

4. Grad students are one of the closest, most tight-knit groups of colleagues out there. You are all going through the same things together. The same kinds of classes, the same kinds of stresses, and the same kinds of rewards. Other grad students are not only your associates and future connections, they quickly become some of your closest friends.

5. Let’s face it: A master’s degree looks better on a resume. No matter how you spin it, no matter what field you’re in, you are far more likely to get interviews and call-backs for jobs if you’ve gone that extra mile, sacrificed the money, time, and social life, and proven that you can do the work. That goes a very long way in the business world.

Keep reading for more facts, tips, and stories that can help you with your own journey toward graduate education. For more personal insight into the graduate world, follow my blog at haileyfoglio.wordpress.com

Article by Hailey Foglio

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