Community Connections | Slay your finals with these awesome study tips


It is that time of the semester again. We are all struggling to earn good grades and finish the semester strong. There are a variety of things you can do, study tips you can try and resources you can utilize to help you achieve the grades you want and need. Do not let the end of the semester stress get you down.

According to Deloitte Center for Higher Education Excellence, “Nearly one-third of undergraduates leave after their first year, and many require six years to complete their studies.” That seems daunting, but you can be successful!

It is important to get proper sleep, eat healthy, stay hydrated and manage your stress. You can handle your class work and tests. You must allocate your time effectively, develop good study habits and prepare for your tests.

There are many helpful study tips. Cognitive scientists suggest alternating study places and switching between subjects. Forming study groups with your peers and making flash cards are great ways to study. The New York Times reported that consistent testing can help you to relearn information and recall it for your finals, so perhaps all those annoying tests are a good thing.

Effectively using your time is often hard. For each college credit you are taking it is recommended you spend 2 to 3 hours studying per week. Sometimes you have to get creative to fit that all in. Do things like bringing those handy flash cards you made to review in your downtime. Just remember to take breaks as well, because after 90 minutes of studying you will have a hard time focusing. Do not be afraid to take naps, because a sleepy brain is a slow brain.

Test anxiety is a common issue. If you are experiencing test anxiety and it is negatively affecting your performance at school, you should get evaluated. There are accommodations available if you qualify. Some examples of accommodations are extended test time and testing in a quiet room. The Disability Service office is in Wyllie D175 and the phone number is 262-595-2372.

UW-Parkside has help available.  The Parkside Academic Resource Center (PARC) located in Wyllie D180 is open Monday through Friday. The phone number is 262-595-2044. They offer tutoring online as well as in person. They also offer supplemental instruction and student success coaching.

Take a deep breath and try not to get overwhelmed. If you find yourself struggling utilize the resources available. In the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt, “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.

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Should I Go to Grad School?

As many of Parkside students are nearing graduation, some troubling questions are coming up: What now? Should I get a job? What kind of job? Should I go to graduate school? Where? For what degree? How do I get in?

Questioning yourself and your place in life after graduation is a natural, common feeling among many graduating students. So let’s talk grad school:

1) Grad school is expensive, at least twice the cost of Parkside tuition (if not more). Some students receive tuition waivers or grants for grad school (which I will discuss at a later point), but others simply must take out thousands upon thousands of dollars in student loans. That takes an incredibly long time to pay off. Not to mention, each application to grad school is at least $60. If you apply to ten schools, that’s $600. Do you have that kind of money available right now?

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A wrap-up of the events at Parkside’s Career & Grad School Fair

On Wed., Feb. 20, the Parkside Ballroom was bustling with activity from 11:00-2:00pm for the Career  & Grad School Fair. Several dozen booths formed a maze of fact sheet handouts, souvenir pens, and candy. Behind these booths were professionals from a multitude of universities and businesses in the Southeastern Wisconsin area. From 11:00-2:00, these individuals discussed with students the various career and educational opportunities that their companies or educational institutions offer. Giving advice and information on everything from resumes to lipstick color (AVON was there with free samples!), the representatives had a lot of knowledge to offer the students who attended. This included advice on how to succeed in management, graduate education, and internships. Much of the more general advice centered on the ability to learn, work hard, and keep an open mind. Many of the businesses that were represented stressed these attributes when asked about what sort of previous experience was necessary when applying for jobs and internships. Walgreens, who offers internships both in their pharmacy departments and in their stores, provides extensive training for all of their internships, which emphasize a classroom environment and require no previous experience.

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