A wrap-up of the events at Parkside’s Career & Grad School Fair

On Wed., Feb. 20, the Parkside Ballroom was bustling with activity from 11:00-2:00pm for the Career  & Grad School Fair. Several dozen booths formed a maze of fact sheet handouts, souvenir pens, and candy. Behind these booths were professionals from a multitude of universities and businesses in the Southeastern Wisconsin area. From 11:00-2:00, these individuals discussed with students the various career and educational opportunities that their companies or educational institutions offer. Giving advice and information on everything from resumes to lipstick color (AVON was there with free samples!), the representatives had a lot of knowledge to offer the students who attended. This included advice on how to succeed in management, graduate education, and internships. Much of the more general advice centered on the ability to learn, work hard, and keep an open mind. Many of the businesses that were represented stressed these attributes when asked about what sort of previous experience was necessary when applying for jobs and internships. Walgreens, who offers internships both in their pharmacy departments and in their stores, provides extensive training for all of their internships, which emphasize a classroom environment and require no previous experience.

The university representatives also offered their expertise, highlighting the role of virtual learning in post-baccalaureate education. The flexibility of online programs provides students with the ability to commit to a full-time job and start their careers, while simultaneously furthering their education. The representatives from the University of Phoenix encourages online classes for their social aspect. Virtual educational communities, according to the representatives, provide the opportunity to interact with fellow students from a variety of locations, backgrounds, and careers.

More than anything, however, one piece of advice stood out: find out what you are looking for! Whether its a particular graduate program, internship, or a career, take the time to pour over the information that can be found online or gathered at your university events. Take the time to talk to people who have the answers to your questions and can help you figure out what you want out of a career or higher education. The more you learn about what is available, the more you will discover what it is that you need. And as was illustrated by the incredible variety of booths at this week’s Career & Grad School Fair, there is an opportunity out there that is right for you!

Article by Libby Chernouski

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