Valentine’s Day Movie Picks

With Valentine’s Day falling on a Saturday this year, the movie theaters are bound to be booming more than they usually are, considering that they have the opportunity to release films for the holiday the day before. This being said, not every couple wants to see the newest Nicholas Sparks adaptation. Some couples prefer blood and gore, which is the exact opposite of boy meets girl. They would rather see boy kills girl. Using the new films that are being released on Friday the 13 as well as what has already been released for your viewing pleasure, I have compiled a list that will fit every kind of couple with something to see for their Valentine’s Day dates. Enjoy!

For couples following the Oscars: “Still Alice.”

Golden Globe-winning and Oscar-nominated, “Still Alice” stars Julianne Moore (who is the nomination and winner’s sake), Alec Baldwin and Kristen Stewart while following a woman’s downward spiral into dementia.

For Bond-loving couples: “Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson lead this look at the British Secret Service. Filled with James Bond type gadgets, loads of action and comic relief, this will give a more action packed Valentine’s Day than the typical tear jerkers.

For sci-fi couples: “Jupiter Ascending” or “Seventh Son.”

Multiple sci-fi movies this month! “Jupiter Ascending” is directed by the Wachowkis (most commonly known as the directors of “The Matrix” trilogy) and starring Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum and this year’s Oscar nominee Eddie Redmayne. It looks to be an “out of this world” action flick involving other planets and royalty. “Seventh Son” also stars Julianne Moore, as well as Jeff Bridges, Kit Harington and Djimon Hounsou. It is marketed as a fantasy movie about fighting the evil powers of the world through good magic.

For the couples who are children at heart: “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge out of Water.”

Everyone loves SpongeBob. So much so, that as I type this my spellcheck is not trying to correct the word “SpongeBob.” While you might want to wait until a little later in the evening to see this one so that screaming children won’t be kicking your seat as you try to snuggle up with your significant other, it still proves to be a top choice, at least in my book.

Last but not least, for the couples where women call the shots: “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Ironically, the couples that see this on Valentine’s Day will be the couple in which the woman decides, because I’d be willing to bet most men have been dreading the release of this movie since the novel hit the bestseller list. I say ironically because the entire premise of this movie is a woman who is told what to do in the bedroom by a man. Spicy or domestic violence? A lot of activist groups will be boycotting this one, so there may be some seats in the theater left yet!

As you can tell, there is something out there for almost everyone, except for the couples who want the traditional Rom-Com. Change it up a little this Valentine’s Day and see something you wouldn’t normally see. There’s plenty to choose from.

Article by Krista Skweres

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