The Insane Mind of Shia LaBeouf

With the recent theatrical release of Fury starring Brad Pitt, Michael Pena, Logan Lerman and Shia LaBeouf, the odd things that Shia likes to do to “get into character” have been hitting the news more and more, and seem to be growing increasingly strange. A few months ago he was all over the tabloids as he denounced his fame and sat alone in an art gallery for six days in L.A. with a bag that read “I am not famous anymore” over his face. He wore the same bag over his face to the red carpet event for his film Nymphomaniac , released earlier this year, and cried. For six days. He cried. With a bag on his head. How can this not be the weirdest thing he’s done this year?

To get into character for the 2013 film The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, Shia actually dropped acid to prepare for a scene shot with Rupert Grant of the Harry Potter series. Grant said in an interview that while he was under the influence of the drugs, he stripped naked and kept seeing an owl in the room. The script in question called for ecstasy, not acid. In order to attain the script for Nymphomaniac, Shia had to send a picture of his penis to the director Lars Von Trier, just to get the script. That, I feel, was slightly fitting and probably had something to do with the very original and intriguing director himself. Shia never showed his member in the actual film. Von Trier is wildly known for using body doubles and Shia played one of the most innocent characters in the film to begin with, but nevertheless he was ready and willing.

Fury is a World War II film that focuses mostly on tank and trench warfare. The rest of the actors had no problems getting into character by waking up in the morning, putting on their war-paint and going to the set. Shia, however, felt that this was not authentic enough. To prepare more for his character and to understand what it would be like to be in a trench warfare situation, Shia opted to not shower for weeks. Naturally when one doesn’t shower for weeks on end, a certain aroma begins to be associated with them, which I could image would make it difficult to work with them. So it shouldn’t be surprising when after not bathing for weeks, he was asked by his co-actors to stay in a small bed and breakfast away from the hotel in which all the other actors were staying. On top of that he pulled out his own tooth while still staying in the hotel with those other actors. This, I believe, is his most insane move of the year. Bag or no bag, drugs or no drugs, penis or no penis, who would rip out their own tooth? Having had teeth pulled myself I know that is not a pleasant experience, even with Novocain, which I highly doubt that he had on set. Since his acts seem to become increasingly weird as his characters in film branch further and further away from those inTransformers and Even Stevens days, one has to wonder what is coming next. Luckily for everyone, the crazier his acts get, the better his movies get, so I guess go for it Shia. Let your freak flag fly!

Article by Krista Skweres

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