Mapping for Club – Head to the Geography Club

Having a hard time finding an organization you’d like to be a part of? There are so many out there! Here is one for the navigator, the mapmaker, and anyone who usually is lost on the path of life. Geography Club meets every other Wednesday within this semester starting at noon in MOLN 226. Dr. Richard Walasek is the chair of the department. He has been with Parkside for 36 years, which is currently longer than anyone else. Some other faculty members from the department in attendance are Dr. Joy Wolf, Dr. John Ward, and Dr. Kenny French. The current Geo’s officers are Paige McNeel (President), Nick Davis (Vice President), Melissa Wemmert (Secretary), Hera Hulsey (Tresurer), and Heidi Hanlon (Publicity Officer). During meetings, the Geography Club always has food and drink. Some typical fun activities are trivia, bingo, and Geography race. If you haven’t a clue what the race could be, come join them for a meeting and figure it out! The club has taken field trips in the past to downtown Chicago and Milwaukee Brewers games. These meetings are open to all students! Everyone is encouraged to attend the pumpkin-decorating contest on Oct. 29 in MOLN 226 (take the stairway by the vending machine if you are new). A donation of $2 for a pumpkin would be highly appreciated.

Article by Erin Hopkins

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