Parkside’s Annual Alumni Baseball Game

On Sept. 27 the current roster of Rangers took on players from years past in the annual UW-Parkside Alumni Baseball game. With this being my first look at the team on the field, they looked extremely sharp through warm-ups, to the final pitch. Though it was an exhibition and mainly all about having fun, it was a dominant performance by the current crop of players, shutting down the alumni 7-0. All of the players available played, as this was mainly a tune up game aimed towards getting the players acclimated to being on the field again. The game started out slowly through the first two innings, with only one hit recorded by the 2014 Rangers. The first run of the game was scored on an infield hit in the third and the team didn’t look back after that. The fifth and sixth innings are when the guys did most of their damage, scoring three runs in the fifth, and adding on an extra three in the sixth. The team finished with eight hits, two stolen bases, and one double. The pitchers only gave up two walks, three hits, and the defense did their job, allowing no extra base hits. If this is any indication of how the 2014 Rangers are going to fair in the regular season, we could be in for a fun ride.

Article by Jalen Perry

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