Conspiracy or exaggeration?

Okay fellow students and nut jobs, I’m back with more conspiracies for you. Now, I may just have too much time and too much imagination. I won’t pretend that is impossible. However, I do think that all conspiracies must at least be given some attention, because what if they are true? We all know politicians aren’t the most upstanding people in the world, and many of them lie. Those familiar with Chicago politics know this very well, and some even know it by following Wisconsin politics. So to think a conspiracy would never really be true because politicians and those running things are always so honest is just crazy to think. That’s coming from a conspiracy buff, so maybe we’ll agree, or maybe we’ll agree to disagree.

So here it is. When I’m not spending my days on campus being studious and generally practicing upstanding practices, I work at a hotel over the border in Illinois. I won’t disclose the exact hotel, but I will say it is one of the many located in the Waukegan/ Gurnee area. Recently, we had an interesting day of check-ins. The Hotel was mostly slow, but it was sold out because there were four bus loads of Marines showing up that would be checking in. At the time, I figured they would be retired marines getting together and going on some marine field trip of sorts. I was wrong. They were practicing marines, only they were on reserve. Yet they came to the hotel and practiced their marine tactics in the parking lot. I was not sure why, and they didn’t say why. One would think that there would be a government specified place for this to take place at, though, not a civilian hotel. What were they preparing for?

Maybe it was nothing, just a routine Marine Reserve event. But take this into consideration. I was speaking to a friend of mine who has been in the Army for several years at this point. He was telling me that just recently they started a training program that teaches them proper crowd control. During this training, they teach them non-lethal tactics for dealing with a large crowd. The scary thing is that they also teach lethal tactics if the crowd should attack with a deadly weapon, which could count as a bottle, a brick, or a shoe, if thrown at the soldiers. The military learning crowd control? It all seems strange to me, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Article by Jimmy Gibbs

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