What is the State of TPUSA?

TYLER STEINSDORFER | stein078@rangers.uwp.edu

One of Parkside’s conservative student organizations are in a state of disarray after a number of members discover that they are not actually conservative

Turning Point USA is a college conservative group on campus that has recently gained notoriety due to having suspected racial biases. A chapter has recently started at UW-Parkside and, as a result, a number of people have wanted to determine whether these rumors were true as well as try to learn more about the group as a whole. However, to my surprise, after conducting interviews with members of the group the Bearly News has yet to find anyone that is actually conservative.

The Truth Comes Out

“It all started when I first opened The Communist Manifesto” one group member stammered before quickly looking around to make sure no one heard him. He, as well as everyone else who agreed to be interviewed, wished to remain anonymous so as to not bring any unwanted attention to themselves. He really seemed at a loss trying to understand who he really is. He went on to describe how his parents would disown him if they knew he was actually a socialist. I really pitied the man and wanted to give him a hug and tell him everything would be okay, but he would only allow this if the phrase “no homo” was yelled an unfathomable amount of times.

Not all of the people interviewed were socialists. One girl mentioned Proudhon as often as a clingy girlfriend talks about her boyfriend. “I’m not sure how many of us are actually conservative and at this point I’m too scared to ask” the girl said. “We all just keep acting conservative because it’s what we’ve always done.”  It is difficult to say what will be the future of this organization. Only time will tell whether or not these left-wingers will actually come out of the closet or not.

“The Bearly News” is not real news. In fact, you could say it is unreal news. Really, it is real unreal news.

Community Connections | Slay your finals with these awesome study tips

KRYSTAL DODGE | thorn008@rangers.uwp.edu

It is that time of the semester again. We are all struggling to earn good grades and finish the semester strong. There are a variety of things you can do, study tips you can try and resources you can utilize to help you achieve the grades you want and need. Do not let the end of the semester stress get you down.

According to Deloitte Center for Higher Education Excellence, “Nearly one-third of undergraduates leave after their first year, and many require six years to complete their studies.” That seems daunting, but you can be successful!

It is important to get proper sleep, eat healthy, stay hydrated and manage your stress. You can handle your class work and tests. You must allocate your time effectively, develop good study habits and prepare for your tests.

There are many helpful study tips. Cognitive scientists suggest alternating study places and switching between subjects. Forming study groups with your peers and making flash cards are great ways to study. The New York Times reported that consistent testing can help you to relearn information and recall it for your finals, so perhaps all those annoying tests are a good thing.

Effectively using your time is often hard. For each college credit you are taking it is recommended you spend 2 to 3 hours studying per week. Sometimes you have to get creative to fit that all in. Do things like bringing those handy flash cards you made to review in your downtime. Just remember to take breaks as well, because after 90 minutes of studying you will have a hard time focusing. Do not be afraid to take naps, because a sleepy brain is a slow brain.

Test anxiety is a common issue. If you are experiencing test anxiety and it is negatively affecting your performance at school, you should get evaluated. There are accommodations available if you qualify. Some examples of accommodations are extended test time and testing in a quiet room. The Disability Service office is in Wyllie D175 and the phone number is 262-595-2372.

UW-Parkside has help available.  The Parkside Academic Resource Center (PARC) located in Wyllie D180 is open Monday through Friday. The phone number is 262-595-2044. They offer tutoring online as well as in person. They also offer supplemental instruction and student success coaching.

Take a deep breath and try not to get overwhelmed. If you find yourself struggling utilize the resources available. In the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt, “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official views or opinions of The Ranger News.

The Proletarian | Foxconn-Parkside partnership: Who’s really benefited?

ETHAN COSTELLO | coste012@rangers.uwp.edu

The past several months in Wisconsin have been trailed with the ever-looming promise of economic glory to come. Gov. Walker has incessantly pressed for an investment of Foxconn in southeastern Wisconsin, and the corporation is all but confirmed for the construction of their facilities. Yet, despite all the alarums raised against the companies, our Chancellor Debbie Ford seems much too eager to welcome them here with open arms.

Walker and other wealthy interests—businesses and politicians—keep proclaiming this deal will bring about a stimulation of the Wisconsin economy like nothing else before it. The promise of 13,000 jobs within the proposed Foxconn facility alone, plus 10,000 constructions jobs and interest from 500 businesses is most certainly an enticing idea because most assuredly, Wisconsin is suffering. The world is suffering. 

What they do not tell you is that these jobs are possible through questionable means to the point of honest reappraisal. The hacked-out deal calls for complete disregard of environmental regulations. Local newspapers have reported that air, water and land regulations are being discarded to accommodate for Foxconn’s unhealthy requirements. The corporation is expected to pump an unsustainable amount of water from Lake Michigan for use in its facility—our clean drinking water—and will not be held accountable for fully returning their debt, and with no obligation to return it pollution free.

There are also economic concerns. The proffered incentive package is now up to $4 billion to be paid to Foxconn as they work towards their job creation mark. Where is this money coming from? The taxes that we are all paying. Economists expect Wisconsin’s gross domestic product (GDP) to increase by $51 billion dollars, but that figure does not indicate impact on standard of living. What is likely going to happen is that the thousands of workers will not be paid their true worth to the company; the workers’ value will be sent upwards towards managers and administrators, and the money made from us Wisconsin workers will be funneled overseas to the Taiwanese based company, benefiting wealthy interests at the hard-to-see detriment of Wisconsin laborers.

Chancellor Ford and other education administrators at UW-Milwaukee and Gateway seem to willfully ignore these considerations. In several press releases and reports, Chancellor Ford anticipates the need to provide Foxconn with a host of educated workers—a docile workforce. The question is why? This will look very good for the Chancellor and UW-Parkside’s Administrations, won’t it? This would lead to more revenue from further investment in the campus from outside sources. Some would argue is a good thing, but judging by how our administration handles our money—with actions like cutting programs and faculty while spending money on aesthetic projects like Wyllie Hall—further investment would not be set aside for the students and faculty who desperately need the funding. I urge the Chancellor to reconsider this partnership.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official views or opinions of The Ranger News.

A Message From Nature: The zero waste lifestyle: A trendy illusion

ADELANA AKINDES | akind001@rangers.uwp.edu

I first found out about the zero waste movement a few years ago after stumbling across a video on YouTube. The woman who made the video, Lauren Singer, had gone a year living a ‘zero waste lifestyle’ and all the waste she did produce was concealed within a single mason jar. She used homemade toothpaste, bamboo toothbrushes, reusable upcycled razors and glass jars instead of plastic containers. It seemed impossibly green, chic and eco-friendly.

Zero waste thinking has its advantages, mainly by drawing constant attention to the issue of waste. By committing to a zero waste lifestyle, this awareness becomes instilled into everyday decisions and thoughts. One takes into consideration how much waste they produce, how much is thrown away and what in their lives can be used more than once. One may learn to value things that last longer, that have more staying power in one’s life and which are not easily disposed of.

Yet the issue of waste cannot be solved from individual choices about what to buy. We can try navigating the market to find products that fit a zero waste standard: no plastic packaging, long term use, no complex methods of disposal required. Yet when one goes grocery shopping with their reusable bags and mason jars, buying items in bulk, it is impossible to notice all of the other items, the wasteful, one-use items which are still the norm. It is the mindset of capitalism, hyper-focused on increasing profit, that is the root of the problem. It is this constant overarching system of overproduction and misuse of resources which ultimately needs to change for ‘zero waste’ to be a realistic vision.

Simply because waste does not reside in your own home, does not make it any less of a reality somewhere else. No matter what the consumer chooses to do with the waste in their own home, it is still being made on a mass scale. The consumer is not the true producer of waste. When one wishes to rid one’s life of plastic products for example, they are only navigating a maze. Whether one uses plastic or not, it’s still being produced and mass distributed on a grand and global scale.

What the zero waste lifestyle does is bring to a person’s attention the materials they use, where these materials come from, and where these materials are going. It is in this way that conscious consumerism is as an effective step for the consumer. Yet in order for any large-scale, long-term solutions to be made with environmental degradation, it is time for the true producers of waste, the giant corporations of this planet, to consciously consume.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official views or opinions of The Ranger News.

Ranger Bear’s secret child

junior bear (1)
A haunting family portrait.

The hunt for truth: Is Ranger Bear really a solitary creature?

HOLLACE VILLARREAL | villa068@rangers.uwp.edu

Late at night, T. Ruxpin and this Bearly News reporter poured over the documents from Ranger Bear’s past. We had to look before the sun rose and we were kicked out of the Archives by the campus security. The files we were viewing were top secret, for the eyes of only the Head Archivist and the Dean.

“How do you have access to this?” Bearly News had asked the shaky archives assistant who logged into the computer for us.

“We can only afford one password.” She’d replied, before unlocking a file cabinet, “And we only got the finding for one set of keys.”

New evidence

In the wee hours of the morning, this reporter found some startling evidence. TWO soulless looking Ranger Bears, and a small bear cub beside them. UW-Parkside’s logo was emblazoned across their jerseys, showing that this must have been taken after Ranger Bear came to campus.

“Junior Bear.” T. Ruxpin read from the file card, “I thought… I thought Ranger Bear was the only one of his kind.”

Who is Junior Bear?

After some more digging and another late night in the archives, we had our answer. There were multiple photographs of two Ranger Bears, sometimes accompanied by Junior Bear, throughout the old files.

“They must have been a family.” The archivist murmured, looking down at the photographs with something akin to wonder. “But I always thought that Ranger Bear was male.”

After assuring the archivist that Ranger Bear was truly a genderless being and that he most likely reproduced by asexual budding, as all evidence from his physical examinations leads us to believe that he cannot truly be alive, we looked further into Junior Bear.

Where did he go? The archive files are not in chronological order, all information regarding Ranger Bear seemed to be stuffed away in an effort to hide it and hinder investigations, so we have no way of knowing what year the photographs were taken.

“I don’t know why Ranger Bear changed his appearance,” the archives assistant told us, when asked. “I assumed it was because he was keeping up with the latest trends, but his teeth seem… sharper now. Maybe he’s been evolving.”

T. Ruxpin has agreed to look into the numerous studies done in the 1970’s on Ranger Bear’s physical form, and the question of evolution. Next week we may have some answers.

“The Bearly News” is not real news. In fact, you could say it is unreal news. Really, it is real unreal news.”