There are whispers of a Celebrity visit to UW-Parkside!

Is it true that Actor Mark Ruffalo is planning a visit to the UW-Parkside Campus?

As it is not yet confirmed, actor Mark Ruffalo is planning a visit to the UW-Parkside campus. A few weeks ago, Theatre Arts Professor and Department Chair Lisa Kornetsky revealed a bit of uplifting and surprising news. She was excited to announce the possibility of arranging a Q&A session with Ruffalo. “Ruffalo’s purpose of visitation is to support a fundraiser for the LGBTQ students of Racine and Kenosha. As he would be here on campus, it would be an excellent opportunity to ask for a little of his time to talk with the Theatre students of the university. I was able to get word of this possibility through a stream of contact that happened to flow in my direction. It would be an honor to welcome Ruffalo to our campus, and would most definitely excite the student body!” Continue reading There are whispers of a Celebrity visit to UW-Parkside!

As Company Lives On, Hamlet begins production!

With the closing of Company, the Theatre Departments steps right into production with William Shakespeare’s Hamlet!

Over the past two weekends, crowds went nuts for the laughs and thrills of Stephen Sondheim’s Company. The cast had a little over four weeks to prepare for this energized musical, which is one week less than the average rehearsal time granted for a production here at Parkside. It was an overall feeling throughout the department that despite the short rehearsal process, the students involved with the production stepped up to their highest potential and abilities to make the show a success. “It was a quick, extravagant process that went too fast!” says actress Alecia Annichino who played the role of April in the production. She continues, “It was a really hard show to close, in that I wish we could’ve had the opportunity to perform it fifty more times! It will forever have an impact on me, as well as on the other students involved!”

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Company is Right around the Corner!

Hold the phone! A musical experience of a lifetime is about to land itself on Parkside’s Mainstage!
It’s officially February, which means the rehearsal period for Company is coming to a close. Performance dates, however, are just around the corner! Performers and production team members alike are anxious to showcase the work of Company.

Exciting still, it has only been three weeks since rehearsals began for the production. That means the team of Company has had an unusually short time frame to work on the show! It’s extraordinary what a group of people with a common goal and passion can accomplish in such a short time. Director Jamie Cheatham comments on the short rehearsal period: “In the past, the idea of undergoing a Sondheim piece in such a restricted time frame was challenged throughout the department. I can comfortably say that, as a team, we have created a beautiful, successful piece of art with the time given to us.”

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Censored on Final Approach Opens at Parkside!

This past Friday night saw the opening of UW-Parkside’s second show in its 2010-2011 season.
Censored On Final Approach, written by Milwaukee playwright Phyllis Ravel, opened Friday night with a sold out house.

Censored tells the story of four Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) and their journey into flying high in the sky. While facing discrimination all the way, these women left their past lives behind to fly for their country. This historical drama is set in the period of World War II, and holds many instances of truth, even though most the characters serve as composites of the real people. One figure remains accurate. Actress Maddie Wakely portrays Jaquline Cochran, the woman responsible for putting females into the sky. “Playing Jackie has been a challenge. In doing my research, I found that she was filled with so many little surprises, and my job is to bring those surprises to the surface; to inform the audience of who she was as a person,” says Wakely in speaking about her role.

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Since When Do Actors Have Wings?

Last weekend, cast members of the upcoming production Censored on Final Approach had the opportunity to fly private aircraft!

“Upon take off, I could honestly feel the vibration of the plane itself. Soon after, we were off the ground and I felt the pressure push me back against the incline. I sunk deep into the seat of my plane!” recalls actress Sara Mergner from her flight experience on Saturday. Cast members were invited to fly high in the sky and witness first hand what it felt like for the female pilots, also known as WASPS, of World War 2.

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