Joe Biden stirs up support at Parkside

Vice President Joe Biden appeared at Parkside last Friday, Oct. 26, 2012. On his one day, two-stop tour of Wisconsin, he urged supporters to take the opportunity to vote early and rallied people in Wisconsin during the home stretch of what has shaped up to be a tight campaign race. Packed into the Student Activity Center gymnasium, Biden told 1,500 students and other supporters that, “We’re going to win Wisconsin.”

Biden praised President Barack Obama’s performance in the final Presidential debate against Republican opponent, Governor  Mitt Romney. “I didn’t know if Governor Romney was endorsing Barack or debating Barack,” Biden said. He referenced back to earlier in the campaign when Gov. Romney was shown in the media as a “flip-flopper,” frequently changing his position on key issues. Biden took it further by stating, “I didn’t recognize that guy but I was appreciative he endorsed everything we’ve done in American foreign policy.”

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Senate Minutes 3/30/11

5:02 pm Called to order

Javier Luna
Bradford Ermel
Ben Holmes

20 on floor

Motion to approve the agenda: unanimous consent, approved

Motion to table the minutes from 3/23: Catherine Lambrechts
Objection: Amanda Barber ; cannot table, you can only amend until body is satisfied

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Senate Minutes 3/2/11

Called to order at 5:01

Brett Mc Neil (Proxy for Adam Spivey–no rights)
Ben Holmes has excused absence
Patti Jensen (Proxy for Garfield Davis — voting/speaking)

23 on Floor, quorum met

Motion to approve agenda by Marcus Bouterse
Seconded by: Kevin Croswhite

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