Noon Concert Series: Bringing Artistry to the Community

This past week’s Wednesday concert series featured a brass quintet, Brass Works, which thoroughly impressed audiences. Henry Walker of Kenosha has attended several of the concert series that are hosted by UW-Parkside’s Music Department, and boasts that, “This is such an excellent idea to contribute to the community, as well as the students that attend…it makes art accessible.” In fact, these noon concerts are completely free and open to the public every week, which brings in a diverse audience. Sitting among young and old alike, students, faculty, and field trip attendees, this week’s Brass Works brought a unique pleasure to campus activities.

Opening with “Awake the Trumpet’s Lofty Sound,” the quintet delved right into its classical sounds that spotlighted their remarkable talent. The performance featured internationally known composers and even paid homage to the Midwest by performing some pieces from Wisconsin composer Daron Hagen. Led by Mark Eichner, a well-established band conductor and associate professor in the University of Wisconsin Parkside’s Music Department, each piece was introduced with the educational intent of understanding its artistry.

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