Gender Reel comes to UW-Parkside

Gender Reel is a national event dealing with gender identities of queer, queer variant, transgender, non-conforming gender individuals and their experiences. This event is open to the public and while free to attend, donations are requested to continue the work of Gender Reel. Though films will be shown each day, there are also guest speakers including Lois Bielefeld, a local filmmaker and photographer from Milwaukee. It starts on April 18 at 6pm with a speech by Bielefeld, and then films will be shown for the remainder of the day. Saturday starts at 10am and continues until 6:30pm with speakers and films again. There will be a film festival in California at the same time that our film festival will be here.

Amy Misurelli-Sorensen is pleased that we are able to have this event at Parkside. Some of the films are very short while others are longer; people are free to come and go as they please. According to Gender Reel this is the first time that they have had an event like this at a college campus. They hope that it will lead to more events and a better understanding of the transgender experience. This festival is brought to Parkside by the UW-Parkside LGBTQ Resource Center, Gallery Director Amy Misurelli-Sorensen, Director A.M. Guerriero and founder and executive chair of Gender Reel Joe Ippolito. Be sure to attend this ground breaking event at our campus if at all possible. Be part of making history in this way.

Article by Kari Tower-Sevick