Student I.D. Required for S.A.C.

The segregated fees that are paid by students of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside allow them access to the S.A.C. Everyone else has to pay. Memberships for the S.A.C. must be purchased if you are a part-time student, alumni, faculty, staff or just an adult. The S.A.C. has chosen to implement a new policy according to Tammie S. Falk- Day who is the Interim Athletic Director.

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A Lack of Consensus for Nuclear Energy

The Campus Coalition for Peace at Parkside hands out information pertaining to activism, the environment, and the current state of our nation. One of the pamphlets they graciously give away for free at their own expense is entitled “Don’t Nuke Wisconsin’s Climate.” This pamphlet deals with the debate about and the dangers of expanding Wisconsin’s nuclear energy program and the possible effects of building new nuclear facilities. The pamphlet is written with a bias that disfavors the idea of building new nuclear plants for several reasons, and it examines Wisconsin’s laws pertaining to the issue as well as the attempt of the proponents of the plant to weaken those laws.

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Guitar Club Welcomes All

Joseph Pearson of the Philosophy department has decided to start a guitar club that is nonprofit, free to join, and open to all Parkside students. Up to twenty-five percent of the organization can consist of non- students, so this organization is open to the general public as well. According to Joseph Pearson, the club is brand new and, “. . .the first semester will probably be something of a trial period to work out the many details of such a club. You do not have to play or own a guitar to join the Club, and the Club welcomes guitar-players at all levels of proficiency.” What more can you ask for?

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Integrating Economics into U.S. History Educator’s Workshop Feb. 12

The UW-Parkside Center for Economic Education is holding a workshop on February 12, 2010, entitled “Integrating Economics into your U.S. History classroom.” This workshop is specifically geared towards teachers of the middle school and high school levels who wish to incorporate the fundamental concept of Economics into their Social Studies and History classes. The workshop will help the educators in the instruction of the specific influences that economics has had throughout American History.

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Spotlight on Meal Plans

Here at Parkside, in order to live on campus, you need a meal plan. The cost of the meal plan includes an enrollment fee of $365 per semester to cover basic needs like rent, utilities, salaries for the dining room staff, etc. The money that is left over is added to your Ranger Card to be used at any of the dining locations on campus. So, if you buy the cheapest plan at $940, after the enrollment fee is taken out, you are left with $565 Dining Dollars.

With the meal plan, you get food from the Brickstone Grill and Eatery at a 50% discount (aside from the things like sushi). It can also be used at the other dining locations, but you pay full price. However, you are not taxed on any of the things you buy.

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