Got A Clue?

“You can’t touch us, but we can touch you all we want.” That was the main rule the Warped Cast gave us as we got ready to watch Clue. Starting at eight, popcorn in hand, audience members prepared themselves for the wacky world of interactive show, not quite sure what to expect from the cast.
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Preview: Brighton Beach Memoirs

Starting the 23rd of October, Brighton Beach Memoirs, a play by Neil Simon, will begin in the Parkside theatre. The play takes place in New York, in 1937. It’s a coming of age comedy centered around a Polish-Jewish teen named Eugene Morris Jerome and his life during this period of time. It faces the problems Eugene deals with everyday and the challenges that come with becoming an adolescent while trying to deal with the hard times his family and the world is going through. Brighton Beach Memoirs is the first in a trilogy of plays about Eugene Jerome, all which are said to be semi-autobiographical pieces about Neil Simon’s life.

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