Foreign Film: Of Gods and Men

Of Gods and Men is a French film loosely based on true events of the life of the Cistercian Monks of Tibhirine, Algeria, spanning from 1993 until their kidnapping later that same year. Although the film did have some great shots of scenery, and the music and religious chanting the monks did while they prayed was enchanting, it was not enough to save this film from what it was, a dull, slow paced film that barely kept my attention.

The critics consensus on the website Rotten Tomatoes ( states that the film is “patient and restrained” and that “Of Gods and Men asks deep, profound questions that will linger in the audience’s mind long after the movie.”

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A Modern Day Beauty & The Beast

Beastly, a novel by Alex Flinn is now a full-length feature film that was released this weekend. The novel/film is a modern day version on the classic story of Beauty & The Beast.

The film revolves around a teenage guy named Kyle Kingston (played by Alex Pettyfer) who is obsessed with the way he looks and was taught by his father that beautiful people always get what they want. He becomes transformed into an ugly person by a classmate of his, Kendra (played by Mary-Kate Olsen), who he finds out is actually a witch. She tells him he has until next spring to find a girl to tell him she loves him and the spell will break.

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A Film for Kids That’s not for Kids

Take a bunch of random animals, throw them into a computer animated western world, and what do you have? You have the masterpiece of a film that is Rango.

Rango stars Johnny Depp as an unnamed pet chameleon who later takes on the name Rango after he winds up in a town called Dirt in the middle of a desert in Nevada and pretends to be a tough drifter who just wandered in. He finds out from a female lizard named Beans (played by Isla Fisher) that the town is running dangerously low on water, and after he proves his toughness, he is named sheriff and vows to find the mystery of the low water supply.

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FreshINK: 26 Miles

Tonight, I attended the staged reading of 26 miles at Parkside. I never attended a staged reading before this, so I did not know what to expect. What happens during a staged reading is the cast sits down in various chairs and reads from the script. There are no props. Instead, the narrator says what prop they would be using in the place. I liked it because since there was no scenery or props, it gave you the ability to imagine what everything was for yourself, broadening your horizons.

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The Resurrection of Sigma Tau Delta

Last week, I found out about an honor society for English majors, called Sigma Tau Delta and also found out that Bruce Stone, a current professor of mine, is one of the teachers in charge of it. I found out that it was actually gone for a few years, and now it is back. I sat down with Professor Stone and asked him about this resurrection of Sigma Tau Delta.

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