Second bilingual open house opens doors to success

On Saturday, 21 January, the University of Wisconsin-Parkside opened its doors for its second ever Bilingual Open House.  While UW-Parkside’s Office of Admissions and New Student Services has always dedicated itself to providing  student services, such as open houses, this bilingual event was unique, as it marketed itself towards Hispanic students and was conducted entirely in Spanish.

The event generated a great turnout from both families and high school groups. Badger High School, located in Lake Geneva, bussed in their potential students who wanted to get a slice of college.

As the event commenced, Admissions Advisor and Bilingual Open House coordinator Mirella Rivera gave her admissions presentation, where she discussed admissions requirements, high school transcripts, projected costs, athletics, student involvement, and major and minor programs.

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Residence Hall Association leaves Rangers ready to riot

When UW-Parkside’s Residence Hall Association passed their new key –in policy two weeks ago, many students voiced opposition.  However, the largest form of opposition came from Parkside Student Government, whose principal criticism with the new legislation was not with the policy itself; rather, with the nature in which it was created.  The subsequent weeks became a legislative battle between two governing Parkside bodies, which nearly resulted in the involvement of the District Attorney.

After RHA’s key-in policy passed, a few students expressed what they felt were inequities in RHA’s policy and way of operating meetings.  Speaker of the Senate, Amanda Barber, considered the complaints from her constituents and referred to the Wisconsin State statutes.

“When students come to us, as several have, with concerns about RHA not complying with state law yet still enacting policy over the students, then we have to insist that they comply,” said Barber.

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Ten tips for finals

Finals: that inevitable force that intrudes upon our already hectic lives each year.  It marks a sacred time of year, when student’s meal plans dwindle like the last of the autumnal foliage. It also marks the time of year when students’ hearts pump pure coffee, Redbull and hatred for their professors, and everyone looks forward to indulging in a long month of mindless tranquility.  Don’t shut down for the semester just yet; The Ranger News will provide you with a few helpful hints to salvage your grades and what is left of your sanity.

1. Revisit old notes and quizzes to make flashcards.  This will help you memorize more effectively, force you to revisit old material and it will allow a roommate or friend to help you study.
2. Work out.  Taking a little bit of time out to walk, jog or perform any form of physical activity that releases stress will make you feel better.

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Straylight hosts second Open Mic Night of the semester

For the second time this semester, poetically and musically inclined Parksideians crowded into The Den for Straylight Magazine’s second Open Mic Night.  The evening successfully provided the UW-Parkside community with more poetic and vocal performances.  It ultimately engaged the audience with its addition of an “exquisite cadaver” poem, which was composed and circulated by audience members.

Cody Denneau kicked off the night with his self entitled “S***Poetry.”  This included his poem, “Female Espionage,” which is a poem about bad relationships.  Denneau also shared some of his “Hipkus,” a play on words which he uses to describe haikus about hipsters.  These humorous haikus covered topics including, but not limited to mustaches, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, iPods and Parliament cigarettes.

Students Lindsey Wachs, Briana Buchholtz, Tony Ramos and Chase Kilpatrick performed original poems as well.  Kilpatrick’s “Fly in a Glass Box” was a poem about people who are blinded in their own detrimental relationships. Kilpatrick also read his original poems “Glitches,” which he joked was a social commentary, and “Hers,” which he claims to have won his current girlfriend over with.  Ramos also performed three original poems.  He prefaced his poem “Factory Work” by telling the audience that it was inspired by a Parkside professor.  Ramos also recited his original poems “The Alley,” and “Equals,” which paired the topics of death and education.

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Residence Hall Association passes new key-in policy

On Tuesday, 15 November, UW-Parkside’s Residence Hall Association (RHA) passed legislation that will implement fees for students who continuously lock themselves out of their dorm rooms.

Key-ins, as they are often referred to, are a privileged service provided by Residence Life when students forget or misplace their keys.  The Residence Advisors (RAs) on duty are obligated to let students back into their respective dorm rooms at any hour of the day or night.  Prior to Tuesday’s meeting, the Residence Hall Association did not have a policy in regards to keying in residents, and documentation was at the discretion of the RA on duty. While the privilege was used as a safety net for some students who would occasionally forget their keys, it became a frequently utilized convenience for other residents, who RHA believes began abusing the privilege.

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