What comes after “Be.”

Rory Larson talks after college planning



Rory Larson is a senior in their last semester at UW-Parkside and preparing to start the
next chapter of their life as a college graduate. Rory is a History major and Anthropology minor with a museum studies certificate. The Ranger News interviewed them about their college experience and plans for after college in order to get insight into how a college student plans on adjusting to life after college.

Deciding degree

Rory described how they had known for years that they had wanted to get their degree in History after spending time working at a museum. “I had started work at a museum when I was in high school and decided I liked history,” they said. They went on to say that they declared a museum certificate due to liking working at the museum that they work and wanting to continue doing so, and they added on an Anthropology minor because “Anthropology and Museum studies had some overlapping classes”.

After college

When asked where they see themselves in 5 years, they said that “ideally, I will be working for a museum or a corporation working as an archivist … Basically filing things, making sure the history and the records … are kept and available for future generations”. Rory got the idea of being an archivist after working at Racine Heritage Museum. As of right now though, they do not have a job lined up for after college, but they plan to continue working at Racine Heritage Museum as of now until they move to Kenosha and get another job there.

They also went on to say that “I was thinking about pursuing a master’s degree but I’m probably going to take a year off in between to save up money and to take more time to consider it.” They described that if they do go back to school, they would either get their master’s in western civilization and history or an associate’s in mortuary sciences. They mentioned that they were pulled to mortuary sciences due to the anthropologist and mortician Caitlin Doughty, who champions death acceptance and positivity.

Rory shows us that college students do not need to have their entire life planned out for them after they graduate; they still have plenty of time to figure out their desired occupation and whether or not they want to further their formal education.

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