UW-Parkside Offers On-Site Tutoring



UW-Parkside’s tutoring center, the PARC (Parkside Academic Resource Center) opens for the spring semester.

What is the PARC?

The PARC offers tutors for a variety of subjects. The writing tutors can assist with any class that requires collecting thoughts and organizing them in a written form. Math tutors can help with almost every math course, though there are specific tutors for discrete mathematics and physics. Writing and math tutors are available for walk-in half hour appointments or for scheduled hour appointments.

Though math and writing are two of the most broad, and thus most requested topics, students can also schedule tutors for Spanish, French, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, biology, discrete mathematics, physics, psychology, economics and computer science. Due to high demand and limited tutors, most subjects require an appointment, but Spanish, chemistry, and anatomy all have walk in hours this semester.

The PARC also offers success coaching. Success coaches help students to gain valuable study skills, like time management and learning how to identify their individual learning styles. Unfortunately these valuable resources are only available from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays, and do require appointments.

Even tutors use the PARC

There’s no shame in needing a little bit of help during your college career, especially when getting through your general courses. All of the tutors in the PARC are still students, so even they will often go to other tutors for advice.

The Ranger News interviewed Sam Steinke and Megan Cisewski, two writing tutors at the PARC. Steinke told The Ranger News that she thought that the writing center was the most important aspect of the PARC. She said that it was an “easy way to get feedback on any of your papers”.

Both tutors said that they have used the PARC for tutoring help on their own. Cisewski stated that she went to the walk-in chemistry tutor at the end of her shift and said that she “learned a lot” from the session.

Both tutors agreed that the PARC is a valuable asset to students. They said that Kim White, the manager of the PARC, was one of the best people to go to if you needed help. “She’ll sit down and help you, or take you to the advising and career center.” Steinke said, “I don’t think that’s part of her job, but she really cares.”

NetTutor: the online tutor

NetTutor is a tutoring application that UW-Parkside pays for to help students. Any UW-Parkside student can use it, and it is open online 24/7. NetTutor has tutors for almost every subject, and each tutor is a real person with a degree in their field. NetTutor is a great resource, especially for students who have restrictive schedules and want the freedom of getting help online.

The PARC continues to be a great asset for the students of UW-Parkside, and with the addition of NetTutor there are plenty of resources to help students succeed this spring semester.

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