Trans support around the globe

Gabrielle Tucker

LGBTQ community rises to take a stand for their rights and their voices to be heard.

To be heard and treated with respect

The transgender community takes a stand and speaks out about the ongoing hate and discrimination that the LGBTQ community is faced with. With the many judgmental people of society, it is hard for this community to be able to be themselves when there are so many dangers that they have to face. Trans people may face harassment, assault, and homophobic slurs just because of who they are. With it being 2019, everyone should be able to be who they are without having to look over their shoulder or be afraid to be the real version of themselves. That is why in order to fight against such prejudiced people, and address the struggles of human rights there will be trans marches to get people to become more aware of the struggles of the LGBTQ+ community.

Trans marches and protests

The Trans Marches were created to empower those who feel like they have no voice and give trans people a space to be themselves. There are also protests where the community fights for their equal rights and to be treated fairly. The vision that the  LGBTQ +community wants to achieve with these marches and protests is a more safe and stable environment, support of other communities, representation in social justice services, an end to abuse, and more. Last year’s Trans March was the fifteenth annual trans march in San Francisco, California which also has the distinction of being the largest trans pride event in the United States. Celebrities also take part in raising awareness for these marches and protests, like Laverne Cox from “ Orange is the New Black”. She is transgender and a LGBTQ+ activist that takes pride in encouraging people to be themselves.

Upcoming Trans March

The latest upcoming trans march will be called “National Trans Visibility Marchand was set to to be on Mar. 31, and Apr. 1 but the date was later changed due to the fact that April 1 is April Fools Day. The event is planned for Sept. in Washington D.C.

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