Spring Semester Changes and Challenges



As with every new semester here at UW-Parkside, it seems as though the building is going through a period of adjustment.

Parking restrictions

On Feb. 2 there was a pavement buckle in the Student Center parking lot. The buckle was located in the A lot between rows A6 and A7. It has been blocked off from cars and pedestrians for the time being, putting a significant amount of parking spaces out of commission. There has been no news as to when it will be fixed, and the parking spaces will remain blocked off for the foreseeable future.

SOLAR login difficulties

With the appearance changes to the SOLAR login page students reported having issues with SOLAR in general at the beginning of the semester. According to multiple student sources, for days leading up to the new semester students were having trouble logging into their SOLAR accounts. Almost all of the issues were fixed by the end of the first day of classes, however, as all of the locked accounts were accessible by the end of the day.

Unaccepted dining plans

On the first day of school the computers in the Brickstone Cafeteria were not accepting both off or on-campus dining plans. According to a worker there was a “change in the system”. The Ranger News has yet to verify the change, though the system is currently up and working again.

Switch to Canvas

Though the students of UW-Parkside were told that there would be a school-wide changeover to the Canvas system by this semester, there has been a delay. The new promise is that the whole school will be changed over to Canvas by the 2019-2020 fall semester, but for now students should remember to check both Canvas and D2L to keep up with their classes.

New year, new me: UW-Parkside campus has some new looks

On a lighter note, there have been some positive changes to the UW-Parkside campus that have taken place over the break.

The new “Purple Room” in the 200-level of the library has been officially unveiled. Students will be able to have a larger study room in which to practice their presentations before classes. This will hopefully promote professionalism and give students a chance to work on their public speaking. The room also has a new sound system, useful for presentations, but also useful for putting on study music if students chose to book the room for a study session.

There is some new furniture throughout the school, though especially in Wylie Hall and The Rita. The furniture is bright and colorful, and a great new look for the school. Providing students with a stylish space to study and relax. The change in appearance will hopefully be well received by students this coming semesters.

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