The Proletarian | Kavanaugh was never fit for Justice seat

Fellow students protest Kavanaugh’s nomination for SCOTUS outside the Student Center.
Courtesy: Ethan Costello


Added to sexual assault, Kavanaugh’s record speaks for itself

The Kavanaugh hearing has been a disappointing process. The FBI and the senators have confirmed the theatrics behind “due process” when it comes to big money interests. Brett Kavanaugh is unfit for the Supreme Court Justice seat in light of the allegations of sexual assault levied against him, his tendency towards dishonesty and his political line.

After Christine Blasey Ford gave testimony about the sexual assault committed against her, I believe her. Do you know why? The likelihood that this is a correct accusation is highly in Ford’s favor. The numbers as reported by news outlet the Independent are scientifically in her favor. The likelihood of a false accusation of sexual assault or rape is extremely low, anywhere from 2-6%. And allegations of sexual assault are always treated with unremorseful suspicion, perpetuated by the rampant misogyny embedded in our culture.  The ridiculous line of questioning by supporters of Kavanaugh inside the Senate shows this suspicion in Ford’s case.

The manner in which Kavanaugh has addressed these accusations and the necessary inquiries that have followed has been questionable and unbecoming of a man who claims to have dedicated himself to the matters of justice and truth. Kavanaugh has managed to commit perjury many times throughout the hearing process. An analysis published on The Intercept breaks down the rhetoric that Kavanaugh used while under oath, and he blatantly lied about his history at Yale and about his past associations as well as dodged questions and digressed from the topic at hand. This is a common strategy used by people with something to hide. And it is purposeful. Vox published a comparison between Ford’s answers to pointed questions versus Kavanaugh’s answers. Ford answers every question directly and to the best of her ability, while it is a 50/50 chance that Kavanaugh will directly answer. It should raise alarms in everyone when a candidate for Supreme Court Justice (SCOTUS) is as deliberate as Kavanaugh in avoiding the truth.

Even after all of this, his endorsements and political line are another cause for alarm. It is important to remember that Kavanaugh was a potential nominee for SCOTUS since Trump’s campaign. Kavanaugh was part of a list of 25 names of possible nominees; this list was influenced and endorse by the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think-tank. The Heritage Foundation is known for their union-crushing policies, their disregard for women’s rights and their desire to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. This is amongst many other backwards policies that stifle working class people and uplift the ruling class. To boot, Vox revealed that Kavanaugh also has proposed a dictatorial policy which would “exempt” the president from criminal prosecution while in office, effectively quelching any legal investigations and opposition against Trump and future presidents. It is no wonder why Trump supports Kavanaugh so much.

At the time of this publishing, the verdict for Kavanaugh for SCOTUS will have already been made. If the outcome is positive and he is rejected, it will be a victory for the masses, which should be celebrated. If he is accepted, it is a loss. There is only one thing to do in this event: do something about it. Organize about it. In solidarity.

Ethan Costello is a senior majoring in communication, VP of No Victims Self Defense and Secretary of Students for a Democratic Society.

Editor’s note: Read the online version for links to author’s sources. 

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